Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Great Day.

This may sound small to most of you, but today I was able to pick-up Kaitlyn for the first time since I was admitted to the Hospital on Jan. 28. It felt good and Katy liked it even more. I was flinging her around the room . She wouldn't stop laughing. It's funny how the simple things in life you take for granted. Never take anything for granted, you never know what God has in store for you or your loved ones.

I wanted to say something to my sister Dawn before I forget. I want to say to her that I forgive her for stealing all my chocolate candy out of my Christmas stockings throughout my youth. I know she has been losing sleep , I just want her to be able and rest peacefully.

Mike, I would like to say I am sorry for killing your fish , when I poured the cement mix in the baby pool you had them in. I was only a young lad at the time and thought I was only feeding the fish.

Dave, I am sorry that I scratched all your Beach Boys , Beatles and Barry Manilow albums , because you played them over and over and over ........... again. ( for the young ones out there albums were a black flat disc played on a machine called a phonograph) I hope your taste has gotten in better with age.

Carolyn and Lisa I am sorry for scaring off your man pool when we were a younger. If I was able to do it all again , I would still do it! You both ended up with pretty good guys now, so I believe I did you a service.

I just had to get that all off my chest. There will be more throughout the days. Wait til I get to my parents, WHOA !

My menu today comes from one of Sally's friends Kim. It has no name . It's round steak cut in to small bites, grilled onions, slice potatoes with a creamy mushroom sauce poured over it and baked until tender, with crisp Romaine salad with home made french dressing (I made it, hope it's good), garlic bread, and fresh from the cow skim milk.


  1. Kaity is such a doll! That's a great picture of both of you.
    Bill, I readily accept your forgiveness. It will be so great to get a good nights sleep at 40 years of having this on my conscious. But, I only took your candy once out of your Christmas stocking, and I got busted, so you got your candy back. If this was going on "throughout your youth" then someone else was doing it.....hmmmm, actually they should have been sharing with me since it was my idea!

  2. Bill did make the french dressing. It was good except it burned our mouths. He didn't realize a clove of garlic wasn't the same thing as a head of garlic. :)

  3. Just want to say thanks about scaring some of the boys, there's one out there that still needs a talkin to though. The one at the carwash is what I remember the most. Oh and thanks for always giving me candy bars when I did stuff for you:)

  4. Why didn't I ever get any candy bars?