Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chef/Doctor Bill

Today I felt really good but, Sally now was feeling very sick. She is so competitive. She spent most of the day sleeping and I kept Kaity occupied. Sally hasn't eaten anything but, toast this morning. Kaity is eating better and, Her Stinky's is gone thank, goodness! I can still tell she isn't quite better yet though. Today I also attempted to go to the Dentist for a cleaning. When I got there , they wanted me to update my some of my personal history. When they called me in to get looked at,the hygienist mentioned you now have cancer and I said yes. She said that she may not be able to clean my teeth unless I get an OK with the oncologist. She said cause of all the bacteria in the mouth it could cause serious problems with me. She called and talk to the nurse at the clinic and she said no way. How often do you have to update your records. Maybe once every couple years and today was my time. I just think of what might have been if I didn`t. Would I have become seriously Sick. Who Knows I'm just glad I didn`t have to find out. That is why I believe that I will be OK , because obviously The Big Man Upstairs is looking out for me. Can I hear an amen.

Today I was the Chef ,and I made one of my favorite Olive Garden dishes,Capellini Pomodoro. First I started to boil water for the Whole Grain noodles that I will be using. When the water started to dance I added the noodles and a little salt to the water and cooked them for precisely 8 mins, An excellent source of fiber by the way. I took 8 of the Freshest Ambrosial Roma tomatoes that I could find at my local grocer and diced them in small pieces. I then took 11 of the greenest Basil leaves and chopped them up, followed by 3 gargantuan garlic cloves minced up with a Garlic Press. I added 6 tablespoons of the oiliest Olive Oil and mixed everything up in large manly sized bowl until the room was emancipating with a pleasing aroma. When the noodles were done cooking, I drain them and put them back in the boiling pot and added all of the savory concoction to the noodles ,and mixed it up well. I have to admit I was surprised it turned out delizioso.

I will have to go and spend some time with my sick wife. I haven't been with her all day. Now she is out of bed and watching the news. So I'm going to join her. Sorry the blog wasn't as entertaining. It was somewhat of an hectic day. It took me over 4 hours today to finish cause of all the interruptions I had today. Zachary woke up and threw up on his sheets so now he will not be going to school tomorrow. Kaity got very whinny this evening, so I was trying to comfort her.She misses her mother. God Bless all of you and I really hope to make an appearance at the benefit. I really don't know if I will be able to.


  1. Hey,
    Almsost everyone I bumped in to at work yesterday told me to tell you "hi" and "hope you get better soon!"

    Sold all the red tickets and only have 5 blue ones left.

    I'll be by Friday (if you or anyone will be home some time during the day) to drop off all the money.

  2. Dan, can you just deposit the money in the Harris account that is set up for Bill? You can do that at any Harris bank. The account name is "Benefit for William Ceiga.' And then just bring the bank deposit receipt with you to the benefit or give that to Bill.

    Bill, I heard that we just got some Cubs and White Sox tickets donated for the raffle at your benefit. Speaking of your benefit, does everyone reading your blog know about it?

    I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Dawn,
    Sure, umm, I already gave Bill and Sally the first batch of mula and filled out raffle tickets, but I'll deposit the next batch of money for sure. I did great selling the raffle tickets, but only sold about half of the 30 dinner tickets.

    Me, my wife, my neighbor and his wife will be there.

    P.S. I want the White Sox tickets!!!!!


  4. No problem, Dan. You can really do it either way. I'm just thinking about the accounting part for taxes, if that's necessary.

    Thanks for all of your help and being such a great friend to Bill.

    Maybe you'll win the mandolin.


  5. Sorry Dan, my mistake. We don't have to worry about the taxes. I didn't realize that. I just found out.