Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its all good .

Today I saw my Doctor that did my surgery. He said I look great and I said I feel great .I don't know how long that will be cause my face is drying out.(a side effect) I will have to paste myself with a lot of face cream. He also completely released me to go back to work without any restrictions but, I will still have to see my Oncologist first before I can plan a come back. I think he will want to make sure my blood count is normal before he is ready( That is checked before every chemo session). I am hoping when I go back that I can stay on partial disability( working only three days a week) until I feel that the chemo treatments aren't messing with me as much.

The kids are out of school this week so I am trying to do some things with them. It was a fairly nice day so I wanted to go to the mall. Its a tradition that for there birthday that we go to build a bear. It started when Kaity was born Zach made her a bunny and when she turned 1 he got her a Elephant. This year she was able to pick out her own animal which was a bear with a pink tint to it. Sally had a ten dollar off certificate and a 20 percent off coupon so it worked out great. Than Zach and I went to Borders, cause he likes to read as much as I do. I like to read about the paranormal. Either people think its cool or that I am weird. Unexplained phenomenon fascinates me. I use to belong to a group that investigates haunted places and I have my own equipment but ,due to my circumstances I'm not doing that at all lately. I like to read about the history of Chicago sports mainly the Cubs.(The only real baseball team in Chicago) I would go on about the Cubs and that other unmentionable team but, Dan is a very good friend of mine and I don't want to tell him how sorry his team really is. By the way he is a St. Louis Rams fan. That should explain enough there.

I am not going to have a dinner menu today,cause its fend for yourself day at the Ceiga household. I have a taste for rye bread ,so I will probably just have toast. It will be crispy and lathered with butter.

So that is it for today but , all I ask is if there is any topic that anybody wants to hear about me or wants to know about me don't hesitant to post a comment.

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