Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Night to Remember

I wanted to say first of all that I been suffering from a headache most of the day, So I didn't do a lot today but, lounge around and go to my moms for a while to visit with her and to spend sometime with my brother and sister in law who came in from Tennessee for the benefit.

Now for the benefit. It was a night I will not ever forget. I want to give a huge thank you to all the people that came out to support me and my family. I really didn't think this many people would come out. The weather wasn't any good at all. I saw some people from my old old neighborhood in Highland. that was a huge thrill for me. They all looked just as they did when we were little with all them with still a full head of hair except for me. (what happened there) That really meant A lot for me to see them all. I almost wanted to ask them if they wanted to play a game of Kick the Can, Search or C-A-R. The memories that were brought back. The great people that I have just meant during the time of my diagnosis. That are still with me through all this. This felt real good to see them. All my family and friends, some of which made long trips in . God Bless you all ! My other family at Avery, You all are the best. Mr. Bill Goldsmith I hope you enjoy the Sox tickets . Be careful of the Sox fans they like to beat up the opposing teams players. If you make it that far watch outside of the ball park it's rough out there too. All of the Firemen that came out. some of which worked with my dad who is a retired Hammond fireman. A lot of them I remember from when he was still working. Flo I want to thank you for giving me the CUBS tickets you won at the raffle. You are a true gentleman and great person. ( will you be my new friend) The bands that were there playing( The Resonators, Beaver and Jake Blues) did a terrific job. My CUBS hat goes of to all of you. All of the people that gave there hand in helping out with the serving,cleaning, raffle, baking,donating , just being a smiling face or any other thing you did thank you for your appreciated time you took. I will write more about this awesome experience tomorrow. I just have this nagging headache that I want to go away. Sorry the blog is boring,I'm still blown away by the turn out.

PS Vicky thank you for the Taffy Apples.( very juicy and succulent) It's good to see someone on my shift cares and has a conscience.


  1. It was a great turnout. I have some pictures that I took of you.
    Barb Maul

  2. It was an amazing night! People helping people; that's what life is all about!