Monday, March 30, 2009

another fine day

Everyone wanted a picture of Michael. Here he is. He has identity issues.

Today I felt pretty good. Had a slight headache throughout the day. I spent most of the day with my brother and sister in law. We had got breakfast and walked around the mall. Showing them all the different things that are available to do at the mall . It's been a long time since they been here to see the changes. It was a very pleasant day. The weather I thought was warmer than the 45 degrees the weatherman said it would be. I also took Zachary to his soccer practice. The weather was a lot colder now. I enjoy watching those little kids running around while I'm in this nice warm car.( as I laugh to myself)
The benefit was again totally a fun time for me. I went there very nervous and scared. Ex -specially , when they announced that Bill is in the building.I was wondering if I should comb what little hair I have back and sing some Elvis melodies. Lucky for the people there I didn't. There would have been some serious crowd control issues. I had a speech made out but, because everything happened so fast I didn't have a chance to look it over. So I had to wing it. I felt that it started out rough but, as I got going I became more at ease. When I finished I realized that I brought the house down. I thought I was going to be carried out of there on someones shoulders(this is where my dream sequence ends). From what I was told I did do a good job.
Again this is a shorter blog. I have so much to talk about and say. It's just that when I do a lot during the day I don't have as much time with writing the blog because , I really need to make time for my wife and kids. I have plans for tomorrows blog that will be more on the long side and it will be informative and what I believe cancer patience go through. Thank to everyone for the prayers and support. I love each and everyone of you. Take care and God Bless

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  1. Bill,
    It was a blessing in disguise that you ended up having to cancel your chemo last week. I don't know if you would have been able to make the benefit if it wasn't canceled. I know how bad it knocks you out. So even though you ended up with the flu for a few days, it really did turn out that way for the better. You were able to experience the love and support you have from people, and hopefully the memory of that will carry you through some dark days that may come. We love you Bill.

    Regarding your previous post - I also wanted to play a game of kick the can when I saw Peter and Tony! That's so funny that you mentioned that.

    Does Michael know you posted that picture! What a character!

    I'm in beautiful Grand Rapids, MI for the week. Hopefully I won't see any snow!