Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fulfilling Day

Today from 9-12pm I spent the time with the award winning( if they don`t have an award they should) St. James youth group collecting Teddy bears or stuffed animals for Riley Hospital for sick kids. So far they have collected 375 stuffed animals and collected 80 dollars for there hard work.Staley the Chicago Bears Mascot was there. He did a great job performing for everyone. They will still be accepting Teddy Bears at St. James but, not for long( til the end of the month). They will go and be delivered sometime in April, and I am planning on making the trip to visit with the sick kids, health permitting.

Later in the day we had the combo birthday party for Kaitlyn and Zachary at Edwardo's. The pizza we had was exquisite. It came to the table piping hot, to where it would burn your mouth off if your not careful. The ingredients used, you know were fresh. The sausage and pepperoni had the perfect amount of herbs and spices that made your mouth dance with joy. The crust was at the perfect circumference and thickness. The cheese was oozy with grade A mozzarella cheese, that would not let go of the next slice of pizza as you are trying to place a piece on you plate. We had two cakes a half sheet of chocolate moose for Kaity and a quarter sheet of yellow with a strawberry filling for Zach. I won`t say much about the cake,cause it`s cake. It could taste like paint and because it`s cake I`ll still like it.

My list for the bucket list in no particular order.(10. I would like to have a number of things done to the house that needs to be done. Like blowing it up and rebuilding. No, but seriously there are a few things internally and externally that should be done. I don`t have a list compiled but, I'm sure it would be lengthy.
( 9. This next one I will need help from the historically best, second to none, not the average Joe team, with the best fan base, one of the highest if not the highest memorabilia grossing teams and without a world series clouding scandal Chicago Cubs. I want to see them win a world series. I think they will do it because , if they think the curse of the Billy Goat is bad, They won't want to deal with the curse of Billy the Cancer Buster. Can you dig it !!!!!!! Or I would settle to take Zachary to a regular game or take a tour of the ball park.

I will come up with more soon. Maybe tomorrow maybe not. I will sign off for now. I had a fulfilling day and I'm getting very tired. I will be back with a meal menu that was brought to me by Dan and his wife Tina Blankenship. So stay tuned and God Bless you all for all your prayers and support. Good night!


  1. You forgot to add "Luvable Losers" to your descriptive build-up of the Cubs. You also left out "1907 and 1908 World Champions".

    Actually, Eli and I have planned to tour Wrigley Field for the last couple of years. We just never made it. Maybe we can all go on some weekend.