Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was Zachary's Birthday

Zachary woke up at his normal time of 7am. No matter what time he is up at night he always gets up at about 7. Since it was his 7th Birthday Sally made him Pancakes. He opened up his presents with the help of Kaity. He got lego Star Wars kit and a couple of other things we had put away during Christmas time. He will have his birthday party with the family later this month with his sister,because hers is in April. I spent most of the morning putting together his lego Star Wars. Sally than took him out to lunch to Tyler's Tenders. I stayed home and made him the most delicious Cherry Chip Cake with Moose Tracks Ice Cream.

My little boy was very much planned. We were trying for a couple of years and ended up having to go to a specialist. Sally told me she was pregnant in a card. That was one of the most happiest days of my life. It was hard to believe I was going to be a dad. We decided to find out the sex during the ultra sound. Michael wanted a baby brother really bad. When he got home from school he asked if he was going to have a little brother and we told him no it's a girl. He was crushed. Sally and I couldn't stop laughing (yes, we are evil). Sally's was scheduled for a C-section for the morning. However, Zachary is the type of kid who does everything on his own time. Her water broke around 3 AM that morning and we went to the hospital earlier then planned. It took some time to realize I had a son. Zachary was wide awake as a newborn and was never much of a sleeper. He hasn't change since.

The menu for tonight is a special tribute to my friend Dan from work. So Dan hang on the next post is dedicated to you my friend.


  1. Hanging on...okay, actually, not. I read your BLOG out of order. I know the surprise!

    But I like mine with just cheese and pineapple.

  2. Zachary looks just like you Bill. There is no doubt he is your son!