Friday, March 20, 2009

My near death experiences.

Today I woke up well rested about noon and motivated to accomplish something. So I decided to clean out the garage. I could not walk into it. My kids always go in there to get something to play with and would put it back next to the garage door. So everything was compacted at the back and nothing in the front. The walk in door had balls and a bunch of other toys in front of it. So I got tired of hurdling everything so I cleaned it up. I probably shouldn't have done that cause if I would have gotten bitten by something how would that effect me? Come to think of it I am growing hair in places on my body I shouldn't be. I never really paid to much attention before, until now.

My first near death experience happened maybe almost two years ago. Sally and I got into a disagreement at Target so I decided to walk home. So as I am walking home I decided to stop at a Family Video Store in Highland. As I was standing there minding my own business a car comes crashing through the wall of the store at almost the exact spot I was standing. If it wasn't for my cat like reflexes I probably wouldn't be typing this now. It was done by three teenage boys, who after hitting the building got out of the car and came in and went looking for a movie like nobody noticed what happened. Needless to say I felt like I needed to go. ( strike one ? )
The second happened when Sally and I got into a disagreement. ( insert your own joke here) I decided to go for a walk what seemed to be a calm day. As I was turning a corner onto 45Th and Colfax I decided to go into a different Family Video in Griffith to just browse around( insert another joke here). Not realizing what is happening outside I get a cell call from Micheal asking me where I am . I thought Oh ,the wife must be worried about me. He said that mom is out looking for me. Again I thought she must really really be worried about me as I chuckled to myself. He asked if I am outside I said I was at the Family Video Store. He than preceded to tell me that there were tornadoes seen in the area. I said Sally is really taking this to far, trying to scare me like that. I went outside first thing I said was OH, HE..............LL NO!!!! It was raining and hailing so hard that as it hit me, it hurt bad. Than I thought oh my gosh Sally the one who put me in this predicament is out looking for me. ( not thinking at the time that I also put her in this predicament) , But now thinking about it, it was her fault anyway. So Michael relayed the message to her where I was. The joke was on me she was going to the Family Video in Highland not Griffith wear I was. Feeling that I had a S on my shirt I started to walk home. This was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. People aren`t kidding when they say tornadoes sound like a freight train. That is exactly what I heard as I was running home( It was actually basically running in place the wind was so strong). I thought maybe I should go back to the video store. Then I was thinking that Sally was out looking for me,remember I have the S on my shirt, so I continued. So I continue with my running in place and hearing all around me loud popping noises, thunder and trees being up rooted. One tree did fall about 20 to 30 feet from me. The whole time thinking where is Sally where is Sally. Not knowing at the time that she is going in the opposite direction. I did finally make it home, about a few minutes later Sally made it home. I told her thanks for coming to get me.( sarcasm) She had it just as bad as I did. She was dodging trees and debris also. This was the tornado that hit Griffith and Munster really bad( strike 2 ?). So now every time I go to Family Video I think whats going to happen now. I also realized that having a disagreement with your wife can be detrimental to your health.
So now that I have the big C is this strike 3. I don`t feel that it is because who else will have quality disagreements with Sally that can change my whole perspective on life. I seem to remember the day I was diagnosed Sally and I had a disagreement on the color bow Kaity should have in her hair.

Today for dinner I had a pasta dish that I won`t go into detail cause this blog is long. I Don`t want to put anybody to sleep. I Just thought I would tell you about some of the crazy things that happened during my married life. Thanks for all the prayers and God Bless you all!!!!!`


  1. I will never feel the same every time I go to Family Video to rent a movie.

    That was a long post! But it was pretty good.

  2. Hey Bill! Did you hear the good news? You now get 6 strikes! They did away with the old 3 strike rule. They decided everyone should get twice as many tries in life!

  3. bill...maybe you could just send someone else to family video from now on, huh? and hey, stop arguing with sally :) i'm also thinking that you have 9 lives...just like a cat and so you're good to go! heck, there's 6 outs in every inning so you're still good to go! i would like to thank you for sharing this story..i LIKE reading about your day and memories are always good things too! oh by the garage is a disaster, have you got some spare time? :) hang in there and keep us all up to date on life and menus..thanks! blessings always, deb:)

  4. It was only an disagreement, not an argument.Sometimes I will disagree with her just because I'm being onery.(sp) Sound familier Dan?

  5. That'll teach you go go anywhere after you have a disagreement with Sally, you must stay with her and work it out! Hey maybe she has a Bill voodoo doll she uses when she gets mad at

  6. Bill,
    As I was reading this post I had a vision of you running in place against the wind. But I know what its like. I still remember the tornado that tore through Plainfield in 1990 (Dave remembers the exact date - Aug 20th). Pretty scarey. John was out delivering the newspaper when it hit. There was no prior warning.