Sunday, March 15, 2009

A very tiresome day

Today I feel very tired and fatigued. I'm not trying to do a lot today , just trying to take it easy. I just get so bored that I get up every so often just to pickup a little bit. I did go out with Zachary today and kicked his soccer ball around a little. It was only for about 15 mins,but I needed some fresh air.

I want to personally thank the Pastor and the members of the Harvest Church of Lowell for all the support and prayers. Just having all the great people of the church come together for my sake that has never met me is such a humbling experience. I want to thank Dan for mentioning my illness to his Church.

Dan is a friend of mine , co- worker and a world renown Author of a very good book called the Running Girl. He is currently writing another book soon to be on the New York Times best sellers list. He also writes for a Christian web site called

Tonight's tantalizing meal will be bean tostadas, made With the crispiest Fried to perfection yellow corn tortillas, with hand mashed til smooth and creamy refried beans layered generously on the tortillas, With the creamiest of Monterey Jack cheese that can be had in Wisconsin. It is then placed with love in the oven until the cheese is melted to a golden perfection. Remove from the oven and then add the greenest freshest shredded Ice Berg lettuce , the freshest and roundest of roma tomatoes and then drizzled with the best tasting taco sauce with the finest ingredients know to man that was made in New Jersey. Let's not forget the Mexican rice made with bell peppers,corn,onions,garlic and bits of Jalapenos that pulsates with flavor with every mouthful.

I am still compiling my bucket list so I will start to post soon. Thanks to everyone who has visited my site and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. God Bless you all.


  1. hey bill..please don't tell sally this but truth be told...YOU write much better menu's than she does...but bless her heart for trying it out...right?
    i think it is very kind of you to share with others exactly what chemo is all about. people are not terribly informed about this area of life and you are doing many a kind gesture by INFORMING them. the more people know the more they will feel comfortable talking about it to just hang in there and know that many are praying for you, for all of you! God bless, and just start your countdown now...22 more days! GO CUBS GO! deb kern:)

  2. ok so until i can figure this crazy thing out i just have to choose anonymous at the top! :) but it's me...deb:) ok?

  3. Kicking a soccer ball is indeed great exercise!

    I'm glad the weather is getting better. That way you (Mr. Menu) can get outside for the fresh air.

    Talk to ya later!

  4. Hey Bill, Just checking in on you to make sure you are staying out of trouble.

    Stop with the food description your making me hungry! Sounds good what time is dinner we will be there.

    This is the year of the CUBS!