Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dan this meals for you.

Today's Menu consisted of home made PIZZA WITH FRESH PINEAPPLE rushed especially to me from Hawaii , sliced Jalapeno Peppers fresh from Chicago, with 6 blended Italian Cheeses made fresh in Wisconsin and the finest tasting pizza sauce made with fresh Roma Tomatoes from Nature's Garden. My beverage was ice cold Ginger Ale

The reason that this menu was special to my friend Dan, was A while back at my job at the metallizer machine at Avery Dennison, Dan bought a pizza for himself with pineapples on it for his lunch. He put the left overs in the fridge at work. The next day he went to eat it and it was gone. He was really outraged about and demanded to know who consumed his pizza. I was was blamed for eating it (always blame the fat guy). I was on a different machine at that time and I would never eat someone else's food unless it's Vicky's delicious apple. So Dan, I will think of you as I savor every bite.


  1. Yes, Bill, I noticed you left the pizza theft off of your recent confessions list. What's up with that?

    Also, I never really thought of you as the fat guy. Strange and overly confident, yes...that guy.

    Hey, I'm able to leave comments again.


  2. I agree, pineapple pizza is the BEST!