Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pattys

Today I felt a lot better than yesterday but, still a little tired. Zachary and I ran a few errands since it was a beautiful day. We went and ordered his birthday cake with a Star Wars theme, browsed around Borders and got a couple of Shamrock Shakes.

In honor of St. Patty's Days my wife made her traditional dinner. Ruben Sandwiches made with hearty rye which is made with the tangiest robust rye ever harvested on this planet combined with the wholesome ingredients to make it delectable to my taste buds. Smothered between with the most tender melt in your mouth corn beef which was simmered all day with beer, bay leaves, pepper corns, and garlic until it felt apart. Topped with Irish cheese which was flown in from an ancestor of St. Patrick himself for this special occasion. Also topped with thousand island dressing created by the fine people at Kraft and also topped with crisp Polish style kraut. It was then grilled until the cheese started oozing out of the sides. Accompanied with Amish style macaroni salad. The recipe was past down from generations through Amish and miraculously Sally was able to obtain it but will never say how. Plus some green fluff concoction of Sally's. It's made with the creamiest cool whip, the juiciest Hawaiian crushed pineapples and the best looking box of pistachio pudding that was sitting on the self at my local grocer's.

By the way the survey has my menu winning over my sexiness. Whats that about?


  1. Pineapples again...hmmm...you really like pineapples, don't you.

    Glad you got to get out and about again today!

    Star Wars Cake - you have to post a picture of that!

    That's really cool that Zachary is into Star Wars...makes me not feel so old.

    Everyone at work is asking about you. I told them you're sexy...or at least that's what people who visit your BLOG say.

  2. Hey there Bill. I voted for sexy cause i'm not related to you and reading about dinner only makes me hungry you know I like to eat.
    Star Wars cake sounds good hmmm... My birthday is coming up soon. Maybe... Nah don't want to be a copycat. Hope you all enjoy the cake. Looking foward to keeping up with you here. Lots of prayers from my wife's family as her mother had the same cancer 12 years ago. She survived and so can you Bill. I'm rooting for ya.

  3. Dan has put you in all of our prayers at Harvest Church.

    Glad you got to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday.