Saturday, March 28, 2009


Keeping the blog short today. Tonight was the benefit which is causing me to post really late . I will tell more tomorrow and the next couple days to follow. I just wanted to say tonight it turned out really great. The hall was packed, the music and food was great, and everything seemed to run smoothly. I was really touched to see the crowd and everyone working hard on this. Honestly, I didn't think the turn out was going to be that good. I am a very blessed man!


  1. It was so amazing at the benefit last night. The food was good, the music was good, and the crowd was definitely focused on a great cause.

    Bill, yours and Sally's family and all the volunteers are such great people. I'm glad I got to meet most of them last night.

    I hope and pray that the funds raised give ya'll some much needed relief from the current wave of expenses.

  2. Bill,
    The benefit was a huge success. It's amazing how supportive the community has been. It was really a great night.

    Now, just focus on getting better.


  3. Bill, Dan told me about the great night that you had. I am so happy that you have been so strongly supported. We have never met but just hearing about the great turnout says volumes about how much people do love you.
    Smile and enjoy it. And think about this (I know here goes the pastor getting all spiritual) if people love you this much how much does God love you? Unthinkable isn't it? It is hard sometimes to respond when people show you love in abundance like you have recently experienced but God has shown His love for us through Jesus.

    Anyway, great hat!