Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today started out as most days with Zach saying "Mom ,Dad time to wake ups!" Ok we will be right there. "Come on Mom Dad wake ups"! After this was going on for about an hour , we did finally get up. We got our act together and got ready to go to church. When we were ready to go,I told Zach and Kaity to get in the car. I was getting my shoes on and then I went outside. As I approached the car I heard "DADDY DADDY, KAITY GOT A TOY STUCK IN THE CAR"! I looked at him and said "what do you mean stuck in the car and were is it stuck in the car" "It's in the key part"!I went and looked thinking it was a big bulky toy just sticking out of the key hole. I made my way to the car and I said KAAAAAAIIIIIITLLLLLLLLNNNNN, NOOOOOOOOOO, WHAT DID YOU DO! She had the plastic piece that was from Michael's graduation cupcakes in the keyhole. I thought maybe it is still intact. I pulled it out and half the stem part was missing. Again I say "KAAAIIIITTTLLLLLYYYNNN NOOOOOOOOOO, WHAT DID YOU DO!" She gets in my face and says something like na na da poo poo! So here we are all dressed up and no car to get into to go anywhere. Our neighbor and myself spent a good part of the day playing with the key hole to get this piece out. Sally called the lock smith and he said that he would come over in about 2 hours. We did finally get the lock open after we changed the battery for one of our remotes. We had to solder the metal part that holds the battery in also. We always had to play with it to get it to work because of this. After we did this it now works like a champ. when we got this done the hot son really done me in.Sally told me to go and lay down for awhile and she will wake me when the lock smith came. I woke up about 5 after laying down since about 2:30. I woke and Sally told me the guy never called or came. I guess I will call someone else. If he doesn't have the nerve to call and give us a reason why he couldn't come then he doesn't need our business.

Sally and I took Kaity and Zach to see Ice Age. It was Kaitys first time to a movie theater. We first went to the Kerosotes theater by the Target near West Field Mall.I went in and ask the good man for4 Ice Age tickets. He looked at me for a moment and said 'Sorry that's not playing here". I looked at Sally and said "What did you do" Before she can respond he said that it was playing across the street. The movie was going to start in about 5 minutes , so we scurried across the street as quickly as we could like there was a sale on Hostess cupcakes at Sam's Club. We got to the other theater and told the good lady 4 for Ice Age.I put up our 5 buck club cards on the counter. Expecting to pay 20 dollars for the 4 of us to see the movie with the use of the cards, the good lady chimes in and says that will be 12 dollars. I didn't say anything. I thought I better get the family in the theater fast before she realizes that she made a mistake possibly. I felt like that lady from the Ikea commercial. But only I was saying as we were going to the theater START THE MOVIE START THE MOVIE!I looked at the ticket stub and saw that we each also had a coupon for a free 46oz popcorn. Now I was waiting for the confetti and balloons come shooting down from the ceiling and someone announcing that I was the 1 millionth patron at the theater. That was not going to be. Sally and I said now we will go to that theater instead since it was so much cheaper that the other theaters. There are allot of restaurants in the area ,so it is perfect when we have date night.

Now for the movie. Before we actually got to the theater we went to Walgreens and got some theater sized candy. With the bounty we had I was all set. The movie was really cute and funny. One of the stars of the movie was Sid the Four Toed Sloth.I mentioned in an earlier blog that if I could be any animal I would want to be a Three Toed Sloth. So now I was looking forward to the movie. The one problem I had was that this sloth was pretty quick moving. They can only swim fairly fast but, very slow on land. I think the Motion Picture Association of America is sending the wrong message about sloths. The average Sloth could only move as fast as about .15 miles an hour.I feel there should have a disclaimer at the end of the movie stating there are some false information about the Sloth for special movie effects. I think Sloths everywhere should get together and write. They should write Hey, we are sloths we are very slow so slow in fact that algae will grow on us.That's all I am going to say about that.

Kaity enjoyed the movie and for the most part she was good.She was always talking during the movie. At one point I actually thought I heard her say, HEY, that's a Sloth they don't move that fast! She is so smart for her age. Zach was very quiet and totally into the movie and his gummys.I think he was waiting for a Dolphin to appear in the movie. So he can do his Dolphin noise.No, Dolphin I don't think he was to upset about that. At least not as upset as I was about the Sloth situation.

I am going to bed now. I have Chemo tomorrow and then working at 3pm. Thanks and God Bless.

I wanted to ask for prayers for a family in Highland. They lost there Dad this day (Saturday) and later in the day the there Garage blew up. Nobody died from this explosion. They had allot of pets that the Fireman saved. At this time they do not exactly know the cause except that it originated in the garage. The house will have to be razed and of course there isn't any more garage. Houses around this house have allot of damage too. So prayers are desperately needed for this family. Thank you!


  1. ahhh kids! gotta luv 'em!
    good thing she's so darn cute huh dad? :)
    is there EVER a dull moment in your house? :)
    good to hear from you and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers..
    blessings for always.. deb:)

  2. WOW!! first time with a computer... neighbors told me to check this out...u rock man!!

  3. hey bill...i don't really like any of those choices for late night i can't vote. sorry! :(
    hope you are doing well and that work is going ok.
    blessings for always..

  4. Thanks for the comment. Its always good to hear from firs time readers.I hope you are able to read all my postings.Thanks again for the comment.