Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Ice Cream Bandit

This is Zach trying to climb up the wall during my companies picnic. I was there to give him a boost up. As much as I tried to help him ,up this is as far as he got. I felt bad that he was having such a hard time. I thought maybe have him on my shoulder and I would climb it myself. This thought didn't last long in my head. I told Zach lets go eat some ice cream.

I most of you are wondering how things are going since my return to work. Everything is going quite good. Now I am doing paper work. Everything I am doing is dealing with our work instructions and finding test questions for new operators for the Metallizer. To be honest it is hard to stay awake sometimes. Going back to work and waking up at 6am to be at work at 7am. I have to get used to do this. I am use to being up more around 9-10am. I have one more week of 7-3's than a week of 3-11's and one week of 11-7's. Hopefully after that I will be back in production. I do feel tired when I get home but I just need to rest more. It will take a little time but I know I will be like a fined tuned car in no time.

Like I mentioned today, was my companies picnic. I really love to go because, my kids really enjoy themselves. I like seeing the smiles on there faces. There was lots of food and games for all to enjoy.It was a really fun time and we all enjoyed it. We got permission to bring our niece Stephanie with us. We were watching her for the day and thought she would have fun there. She was real helpful in helping one of the workers with the kid games. I think she had a fun time and I know this because , she told me. Kaity was getting ice cream and I don't know all the time were she was getting it from. I know we have given her some ice cream our self but, a few time I don't know were she got it from. I asked Sally were is she getting the ice cream from. I know she can't get it her self because, the box the ice cream is in is on the middle of a table that she cannot reach herself and there isn't anything else she can hop on to reach her frozen treat. One time I watched her walk to were the ice cream was. I told Sally lets see what she does.She was just standing by the table with the ice cream on it not saying a word. She would just stand there and stare at people. Finally after a few minutes we saw one of the people that helped entertain the kids at the picnic reach into the box and pull out a drum stick and handed it to Kaity, mystery solved. I hope she at least said thank you.

I am glad Sally brought some extra change of cloths for Kaity. Before we were leaving for the picnic ,I saw Sally packing some cloths for her. It was ,what I thought a little excessive. I asked her if she was planning on having kaity spend the week at Stoney Run County Park. She said be quiet and get in the car, I know what I am doing. To be honest I am thankful she did bring all the cloths. After Kaity got done with all the ice cream she ate she needed to change her cloths a few times. So was this Divine intervention. NOOOOOOOOO,! It was Sally being a good mom and knowing what her daughter is capable of doing.

I will not be posting the blog daily anymore.With work and being with the family I will not have as much time anymore. I will at least for now be able to do some on the weekends during this month. When I go back to the machine , I will work some weekends and have more postings during the week. They definitely won't be daily anymore but may be a little longer and possibly posted earlier.

Thank You and God bless


  1. much as i LUV these postings i have to think of YOU and that's the only reason i voted for really DO have to prioritize now that you are back to work and family and health come first! (it's a tie!)
    know that you are in my prayers and your health is more important than MY entertainment..:)
    CUBS WIN!!!
    blessings for always

  2. i finished YOUR book dan. it was EXCELLENT! i'm glad i found out about it here on bill's blog and i will be recommending it to others too!

  3. Deb, if you could do a review at, that would be great. Thanks for the kind words.

    And Bill, I think the reason Zach couldn't climb any higher is because he had a Cubs shirt on.

  4. dan...i would be more than happy to do a review for you...2 things i need from you...
    1. guide me in the direction of where to do this
    2. lighten up on the cub slams for awhile

  5. and look at some book reviews of my book - just type in the book name and my name at search.

    Also, I can lighten up on the Cubs for a short time...I mean I still have 100 years to watch them not when another World Series.

    : - )