Monday, August 24, 2009

tis and dat

Not sure how this is going to work yet. I don't want to spend an entire evening working on the blog nor do I want to stop it either. So I am going to try to write something everyday. Not sure if I am going to send it all at once or maybe if I have enough I can send a blog during mid week. Next week I should be back on 12 hour shifts. The blogs might be more frequent then the once a week. Please bare with me until I figure this out.


Last night was the first time in over 6 months I worked midnights. I was all alone in the cubical working at the computer. It was quiet, a bit to quiet for me. At least I got to hear the people from Coater 9 . I am right outside their door. This morning while Zachary was getting ready for school I was putting my medication in a daily pill box for the week. I just started this because I am having trouble remembering to take my medication. Sally is on my case but she has not much room to talk. Zachary was eating his breakfast and asked about my "vitamins". Sally said this was my medication. He said what is it for. Sally replied she didn't know. He told her that she is my wife and she should know. Sally had no reply to that.Then he asked about the big pink pill I was just adding and what it was for. I told him it was my "happy" pill. He asked if he could have one. I told him no they were not for kids. He replied "I am a man". I told him that I know that he snores like a man but, he still couldn't have one.
I couldn't sleep very well today. It's hard to get adjusted to a new shift. Once I am adjusted I switch to a new one. It will be easier when I go back to 12 hours and the shifts change every 2 weeks. Instead of just lying in bed I got up and went outside with the kids. Zachary was laying on the grass. I snuck up on him and jumped on him. Then all of the sudden all of the neighborhood kids were on top of me.


Michael started his first day of junior college. Sally wanted to take a picture of him standing in front of school but Michael threatened the life of her camera. Sally and the kids went to pick up Michael from school. Zachary asked how many years will Michael be going there. Sally told him 2 years at that school. Michael told him he will be graduating from 3 colleges by the time he is all done. Zachary asked how many colleges will he have to go to. Sally said it depends on what he wants to do when he grows up. Zachary said he wants to be a bounty hunter. Not sure where he got that from. We use to watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter" when we had cable, but we haven't had cable in over 3 years. He also said he wants to create airplanes. So he was told he needs to go to school to be an engineer. I hope and pray Michael will be able to find a job soon so he can get a car and drive himself back and forth to school. If anyone knows of any place that is hiring let him know.

I mentioned in Sunday's blog about Griffith having their first annual Rock n Rail day. It runs from 11-11 on Saturday the 29Th. We will probably go in the late afternoon/ early evening. That morning I am going to help out the sisters. They are having a picnic for the elderly. It sounds like it will be nice for them. They have it ever year. Transportation to and from is provided so it will be easy for them to attend.

To also let everyone know that may be interested. Lowell is having a Labor day fest, that will last for 5 days. It begins at 9am on the 3rd of Sept. ( I am not sure about the rest of the days , although I believe on the 5Th it is from 2pm til midnight)There is lots to do for all the family. Look in Tuesdays times for more info on all the happenings. I am not sure if we will be going but, would like to.

Today for dinner my sweetheart of a wife made Panini sandwiches. I would like to tell you about them in the next blog. Just to let you know how good they were, I took one bite out of them and without any control of my body started to do the moon walk. HE HE HE !

Thanks for visiting and God Bless all of you.

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  1. oh bill...
    you are quite the story teller...
    thanks for brightening my day!
    you're also quite good at the
    "social calendar of events"
    blessings for always..