Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is my 184th post. This the last post before I return to work tomorrow at 7am.I am looking forward to it. I know that it will be hard ,cause I will miss the kids. I feel that I am more then ready to return to Avery Dennison. They have been in my opinion nothing but, A GREAT company to work for in my 5 years and 5 months that I been there. It bothers me when I hear some of the older employees complain about the company. All I know is they apparently haven't worked for other companies like I did. Yes, there is allot of pressure working there. Why wouldn't there be, when we our world wide and have allot of competition to beat. So we have to be at our best at all times never slacking.We do get some frills to show us that they appreciate our hard work. I worked at places that you would be lucky to get a thank you. Hopefully we will over come this economy crisis and the company will flourish again.I know the management is doing the best they can for the company. I know all the choices won't be popular but, right for the time. I went through the company starting out as a warehouse worker, than a floater operator yellow band in the metalure dept, Than a floater op. blue band and then asked to be a lead operator on the metalizer.I truly love my job and hope to be there for many more years.

Today I did allot of driving around getting a few things for Sally for her Birthday. I haven't been able to go out sooner cause of the past two weeks,with the graduation and yard sale. I first took all the kids to the Mall. We were there for a few hours and then I took the kids home and then I went out by myself. I had to go to my moms and went to say my daily prayers and went to a few more places. A few places that I went into I felt that I was being watched.I don't know for sure but, sensed that I may have been. I think that it is because of the pump that is under my shirt. It sticks out a little under my shirt so I am sure that it looks like there is something under my shirt.

I am going to tell you the best and the worst of myself personally dealing with cancer (now in remission). The worst is obviously having the Big C. Having chemo isn't to bad but, I hate going home with the pump. I have to have it for two days before it is taken out. I am very self conscience of it and afraid I will get the tubes caught on something. Which I have a few times but, have been lucky not to get them pulled out. I will stick the tubes in my pants so it really doesn't happen much. Being thirsty and not being able to have anything cold to drink. My mouth will it's kinda hard to explain will sorta throb and feel like I have a mouth of mints without the mint taste if that makes sense. I don't have a taste if what I put in my mouth is to cold. That includes Ice Cream or anything else that is refrigerated and not heated up. This feeling will start to taper off in a few days after the pump is removed. The feeling will be gone about 4 or 5 days before the next chemo session. My finger tips and feet are always numb. Not very severely but enough were it is bothersome sometimes. My feet If I am on them for long periods of time will feel like they are on fire. I have learned to deal with that. I don't have any other issues with the chemo. so this is really it for now but, that could change.

The best part in a weird sort of way is having the Big C. It has changed my life in so many ways. I have spent 6 months home with my family. I have had allot of fun spending time with them which I wasn't doing before the illness struck me down. I felt a closeness with them I hope will continue when I go back. I have met allot of great people who supported me and my family. I truly felt loved during this time. I have felt more closer to my family too. We talk allot more than we did before I got sick.I have more of a appreciation of life. I don't take anything for granted. I am closer to God. I know that God is the reason that I am in remission. All the prayers that I have received from everyone. I truly felt blessed and that is a great feeling to feel. Thank you all! I can go on and on.There truly have been more positives than negatives.

I am going to get ready for bed to get ready for my first day back at work. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Thank you and God Bless!!!!!!!

One more quick thing. If you go to www.cubs.com/fanfoto and click on the game which was july 28th with Houston.and then gallery 54. You will see the family and I at the game. We our at the bottom of the page. All of us in our Cubs shirts.

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  1. Hope your first day at work wasn't too overwhelming. Take it slow and easy.