Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woo pah!!

As everyone who is a regular reader of my blog, I went back to work on Wednesday the 5th of August.Work has been going great, and everyday so far someone has come up to me and wished me well. I really appreciate all that.

I am still doing paper work, coming up with questions for new operators on the Metallizer and Dusenbery slitter.Then I have to type this all out.If anybody knows how fast I type, that in itself is a chore.I am a two finger pecker.It takes about 10 minutes for me to type na na da poo poo.

One of the days that I worked, the computer system was down. So I was asked if I wanted to I could go back to the Metallizer and work with them until the system came back up.So I took the chance and went to the machine to work with Dan B.and his shift. When we were getting ready to do the changeover,I went in my work bin to pull out my apron. It was the same apron I wore the last day I worked some 6 months ago.I just wanted to hug and hold it for awhile, but with Dan and Hector watching me I decided not to. I'll just wait until I am alone.It is the dirtiest and wrinkly looking apron, but it's is mine. I believe it was Hector who said we should have a memorial for it.At first I thought it was a good idea,but than I thought a memorial for it. I was thinking that is something you do if something dies. So I wasn't to keen on that. So instead we danced around the Metallizer singing woo pah and holding hands. Actually that didn't happen,but it would have been darn funny if it did. Maybe some other time.

Sally and I took Kaity and Zack to the splash pad at Wicker. It was a very fun time for the kids until Kaity fell down. Zach stayed in the splash pad and continued to run around like a kid who was being chased by his father because, he took the last piece of cake. Kaity wanted to come out and wanted to be comforted by her mom. The splash pad is open for two hours and closes for a half hour and open for two hours again. This starts at about 9:30 am and the last one is at 4 and ends at 6pm.When our time was up we went to Micky D's and got Hot Fudge Sundaes for everyone.(there only a dollar a real bargain) Before I left the drive up window I made sure that they were actually sundaes. I was thinking maybe they could slip in tartar sauce instead of ice cream or maybe old coffee grounds for the hot fudge. All I know is I won't order coffee from them anytime soon.

Sally and I and Kaity and Zach went to see Elvis impersonator on Thursday. It was really nice and I enjoyed it. Sally took the kids to the play ground. I stayed and watched the show.The only problem I had with it was that Elvis has allot of great songs and many of which were hits. Well anyway, I was wondering why he was playing other songs by other artist. It seemed like at the beginning of the show he was singing songs from Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison to name only a few. It was still a pretty good time.

I am doing really well with work and all. I think going back to work really helps with everything that's going on with me. It makes me feel allot better to be back. I am going to sign off and I will have another blog tomorrow. We took the kids to see Ice Age today and I will talk about that. Sally and I just got done watching a movie and it is late.So we are going to bed . We have Church in the morning and later going to my brother Mike's to go swim. So I am sure there will be things to talk about.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. have missed you but thrilled to know things are going well and you are feeling good!
    take care and enjoy time with family!!!
    blessings for always...

  2. I didn't know you posted your blog. I thought you were going to write your blog today. He forgot to say that Friday night we watched our neighbor's 2 kids so their parents could go out and have some fun. Bill chased them all over the park and make them all scream. We had to leave because it was dark and we were afraid someone would call the police to complain about how loud we were. When we got home Bill was pooped out. He went in the bedroom to take a little breather away from the kids and didn't come out until the next morning.

    Bill already has some blog material about today. So stay tune lol