Saturday, August 22, 2009

What did you do to my daughter?

I take a little nap,I wake up and now I have a daughter that is 5 pounds lighter and a son that is still goofy. I was threatening to take his Cubs blanket. Than he threatened to shoot me with his new gun.

This week went by slowly for me. Monday I had chemo before I went to work. I worked the 3-11 shift this week. It seemed chemo hit me faster and harder then usual. I was functional and I know the side effects I am going through is nothing compared to what most go through. The sensitivity to cold almost happened immediately. It really sucks.The numbness that I have felt in my hands and feet was a little worse. On a nice warm day I crave for an ice cold drink and I can't tolerate it. Now I am beginning to tolerate foods less,some smells make me sick and I have cravings that make me think that I may be with child. It reminds me of Sally when she was pregnant. Some things I use to like make me gag just to think of it. I am gagging now just thinking about it. Taste, what taste? Somethings sound really good but when I eat it ,I can't taste anything. I need to loose weight but I don't want to do it this way. Right now cottage cheese with fruit seems what I can tolerate the best but that can always change. Another problem I am having is that I am tired. After I come home from work I want to go right to bed. I wake up in the morning to take my little guy to school. I go home and sometimes I will play with the little girl for a bit and then I go back to sleep until I have to wake up for work. I know it's going to take some time for me to adjust to everything. It's just frustrating for me. I had the 6 months off and I really enjoyed being with the kids now I am just to tired. I know with time it will get easier but I have never been a patient person. I contribute a lot of the tiredness to chemo this week. I have a hard time sleeping during the 2 nights when I have the chemo pump attached to me. Plus my muscles jerk a lot while I am sleeping during that time. Sally usually ends up on the couch because I keep waking her with the jerking. Sally suggested tonight that I should start eating frequent high protein snacks instead of eating larger meals. She said that might give me more energy. I am going to try it and see if it helps. I also am the type of person who likes to keep busy especially at work. Right now I am on desk duty and that takes some time getting use to. I think that may be why I feel tired more then usual.

I went to see the oncologist on Wednesday for my monthly visit. He said I am doing very well. He said that me loosing my taste is a common side effect. It usually gets worst as chemo progresses. So now I have that to look forward too. He said that is one of the reasons they limit the chemo treatments. On a good note I have 8 more sessions of chemo left. Then I will go for another 6 sessions of partial treatments. The partial treatments I will not have to wear a chemo pump( I am going to miss that little big thing NOT!).Wearing the pump makes me very self conscience. The treatments will not take as long plus I should have less side effects. Next month I will go in for another scan. Just to make sure everything is OK and I pray there will be no surprises.

Since I mentioned praying. I do believe that prayers have helped me through this entire ordeal. I realized today that I haven't been praying as much this week. I have been just to tired. I went today to the chapel and prayed. I also went to confession. Not saying that's why I am feeling lousy this week because I haven't been praying just saying I know prayers really help.

I spend a great deal of time thinking what to write in my blogs. I usually forget what I want to write. Usually Sally has to refresh my memory. I decided to start caring around a little note book and jotting down the things I would like to talk about. It makes it easier for me to write my blogs. It also helps because Sally can look at my notes and help me type part of the blog since it takes me a long time to type. I bought Sally an iced tea maker for her birthday. The other night when I came home from work she made me a pitcher of iced tea minus the ice plus she was cooking eggs for me. Instead of filling the ice line with ice she substituted cold water instead (so I would be able to drink it). I asked her if she added to much water to it and she said no it was fine. She didn't even finish that comment and tea started to overflow all over the table, So instead of trying to help her I grabbed my notebook and starting writing this down so I wouldn't forget. She was trying to keep the tea from going on the floor and trying to make sure my fried eggs wouldn't be over cooked(oh, I hate over cooked eggs). She glared at me and asked what I was doing. I told her I needed to make sure I didn't forget this incident. Especially when she is the one who usually come out smelling like a rose or in this case black pekoe tea and I look like the fool. Then again I probably look like the fool in this scenario to some. My poor wife slaving for me and needed my help but I was to dedicated to this blog.

Yesterday, Sally mentioned she was going with Michael to get his books for college. She also mentioned about doing some errands and threw in about getting Kaity's hair cut. I didn't take her seriously. She did need to get her bangs trimmed. She was always looking up to see. When she leaves the house she lets Sally fix her hair. Usually, Sally is chasing her around the house to fix her hair while Kaity giggles at her. As soon as we get home she pulls everything out of her hair. When they got home I just woke up and was getting my act together for work. Everything was a little blurry because I just woke up but when I saw Kaity I had to look again. I yelled out at Sally "What did you do to her hair?" When she left the house my little girl's hair was half way down her back when she got back her hair is up to her chin. Kaity was proud of her new hairdo. Sally admitted she thought she made a huge mistake. You know what though she does look cute with her hair cut. It just took a little while to get use to. I think we can save some money to now. Sally was always buying her bows, barrettes and things for her hair. Now she can stop.

It would not be a typical week in my family without drama. I think my family thrives on it. Yesterday while I was at work Sally called me. She told me Michael had left 2 hours ago to get a game at the video store( Yes, Dan it was family video). The video store isn't that far away from the house. She said right after he left it started storming but it didn't last for long. She made him leave his cell phone at home because she had grounded him earlier that week for it. That's another thing it's not a normal thing for someone in the house not to be grounded. For awhile the joke was tell me when Michael isn't grounded. So anyways, I told Sally if she doesn't here from him soon to give me a call. In the mean time she called the video store. They said that he didn't rent anything out that night. She went on face book hoping one of his friends would know where he was at. She called her mom and her mom went out looking for him. Sally then tried calling a couple of his friends. One friend said that he told her he was going to the football game. Sally's mom came over and watched the kids while Sally went looking for him. I was getting concerned myself. Michael has never pulled a stunt like this before. In fact he is usually calling Sally every 20 minutes letting her know where he is at. I didn't take any breaks or my lunch yet so I left to go to the game to see if I could find him. In the mean time Sally went back home hoping he would turn up. I went to the game and walked around. By the way Griffith was getting their butts kicked,It was 13-0 but they still had the fourth quarter. I went up the bleachers looking for him. I heard "what are you doing here" and turned around and it was Michael. I told him he need to get home and has some explaining to do to his mother. He seemed confused and asked why. I told him Sally was upset and worried because he was supposed to get a video game and come back home. Michael said he told her he was going to the game. I asked him what she was doing when he left and he said she was on the phone. I told him there was the problem.You never talk to a woman when they are on the phone,don't you know anything. The four horseman of the Apocalypse could come knocking on the door and she wouldn't even flich to see who it was. He was worried Sally was going to yell at him and ground him some more. So I took his side because he has never done this before and I could see "I am going to the game" could be mistaken for " I am going to get a game". So I saved him from hours of being screamed at and months of house confinement. By the way Michael you owe me. Sally felt bad and made me my craving for that moment. Mashed potatoes mixed with sweet corn.hhmmm hhhmmmm good!

This morning Michael had to go back to school. He put an extra I in his name which delayed his student loan and financial aid. Silly kid, going to college and doesn't even know how to spell his name yet. On the way home Sally called and asked if Zachary and I wanted to go to the farmers market with them. I wanted to sleep then rather look at vegetables and Zachary wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons instead. When they got home, Kaity walked in to my room holding this gigantic cookie. It was the biggest cookie I have ever saw. I am like what the heck. Sally told me about the cheese and Jalapeno tamales she had and the biscuits and gravy Michael had. She also mentioned how there was a photographer there taking pictures of Kaity but at that point I was more like, tell me more about the cookie. All of a sudden my taste buds woke me up and I found myself jumping out of bed and running out the door with Zachary to the farmers market. Who would have thought there would be much more then vegetables and fruit there. I flew all the way there. I was worried by the time we got there the food would be gone. Zachary and I darted to the food leaving Sally and Kaitlyn in the dust. Zachary spotted the biscuits and gravy right away and I found the tamales Sally was raving about. All of the sudden I had my appetite back. Zachary was done but I was still hungry. So Sally took the kids walking around while I admired all the food and decided I wanted to foot long hot dog. While I was eating, my 2 little angels came running to me with wooden guns shooting at me. First of all, Sally never allowed the kids to have toy guns. Now I see my daughter who used to have long hair, with her short hair running around shooting a wooden gun.I hope this isn't part of that mid life crisis I hear people talking about. I am like what the heck. Is she trying to turn Kaity into a tom boy or a Annie Oakely. Zachary had money he had saved and used it to buy his shot gun. He has been using sticks as guns while the neighborhood kids play with their toy guns so Sally caved. Claiming it's safer then tree branches.Tree branches or a gun that can be also used as a club,hhhmmm. Little Kaity wanted one and Sally said "it's just a little one". Kaity was shooting everything and everyone with her gun. Sally mentioned how they should be cowboy and cowgirl for Halloween. I mentioned Kaity would looked better in long hair if she was going to be a cow girl. Zachary said that Kaity should be a princess for Halloween and he wants to be her knight in shining armor.

I start the midnight shift tomorrow night. I usually sleep better on that sift so I am hoping next week will be a little easier. At least I will be able to see Zachary more and eat dinner with the family.

Until next time take care and God bless.

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  1. WOW! i have missed these blogs! i forgot just how much fun it is at your house on a daily basis..:)
    on the other hand...thanks for wearing me out..i'll sleep very well tonight after reading this!
    can't IMAGINE how long it must have taken you to write it!!!!!!
    thanks for the updates, take good care of yourself and know that prayers continue even in the absence of blogs!
    so nice of you to support michael..:)
    i LUV the haircut on kaity i really, REALLY do!
    hang in there are in the final stretch of the chemo! GOOD JOB!!!!!
    blessings for always,