Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad Day for Coffee!

Today I had chemo and it went fairly well except for my attempt to have a cup of coffee while minding my own business while doing so. As I was saying the chemo went well except I did have a brief moment of nausea. It started when I looked at the bag of granola, that was across from me.After I stopped looking at them the sickness went away. Now for the coffee issues I had today. Sally dropped me off and she had to take Micheal to St. John Hammond Clinic to have him looked at for his stomach problems. He will have to see Dr. Auerbach(same Doctor that did my colonoscopy) to have a tube inserted in his throat to see what his going on. After that Sally took Michael and the kids home. I asked her to bring me a cup of coffee from wherever she wanted to get it from, it really didn't matter. She chose the McDonalds on Ridge Road. She brought me the beverage that I have been waiting for so patiently for, or at least I thought. I opened the lid to put in the creamer and sugar. I looked in the cup thinking my wife was pulling a prank on me. I was able to see the bottom of the cup.I was thinking boy this is going to be some weak coffee. I said ," Sally they gave me very hot water, what gives." She was as surprised as I was , and felt really bad. She said she will go down stairs and get me a cup of coffee from the coffee shop. She went down and got me the coffee and I started to drink it. It was terrible. I had some bad coffee in my day but, this was bad. I will usually drink coffee allot of different ways, strong,a little weak, with or without sugar whatever.This tasted very bad. So Again she felt bad and told me she wanted to go to Staples and get school supplies anyway. She would than go to the Star Bucks in Target and attempt to get another cup for me. I said she really didn't have to but, she insisted. She came back with the coffee and I quickly grabbed the cup to smell the aroma that I have been waiting for all day. I go to take a drink and the coffee dribbled all down my white almost brand spanking new Cubs shirt.The worst part it didn't happen once but twice. I finished it with a straw. When chemo was over Sally and I went to the McDonalds that cheated me. We went to the counter and told them our plight and they were just as baffled as we were. They asked Sally if she remembered what the person looked liked and she didn't. All she told them was it was about noon and at the drive through. Of course I got a new cup of coffee and they threw in two apple Pies.( They must of remembered me from other encounters). We didn't make a ruckus. We just wanted to know how that would be possible to do. Was the person possibly blind or near blind.You would have to see what you are pouring and also when you put the lid on. Before we left I put in the sugar and cream. I than took a drink and the coffee was at best room temp . Clearly stated on the cup was caution very hot. I told Sally that I give up and we walked out. The picture above is the shirt I wore when the coffee spilled on me. It is a blurry picture, but if you look at the area where the buttons are you will see the brownish area on the shirt.

As mentioned in Saturdays blog my brother Mike treated me and Zach along with his son Eli to a tour of the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. It was a totally awesome experience that all Cubs Fans should try and partake of. Even the non-Cub fans, just for the historical purposes. It Started out with a film , then we went to the left field bleaches and heard allot of the history of Wrigley Field, that was very interesting. We saw the visitors club house, that was very small.We then tiredly walked up about 4 or 5 ramps to see the press area, the radio , TV and organ booths. We than sat in one of the suites that the cub brass sit in during the games. We had another history lesson that was very interesting.Then we went to the Holy Grail of all of Baseball, the Cubs club house and then on to the field. I took allot of pictures or so I thought. The reason I thought I got more but didn't is because, as I was taking my pictures I noticed in some instances that I was actually turning the camera on and off. Who would think they would put the on and off button so close to the actual picture taking button.I was like what the heck. I did take allot of pictures in the same area so I still got a good amount of pictures, and I did catch it a few times. I felt like such a Jack Ass that I didn't say anything until this posting. Sally is going to do a slide show with pictures that were actually taken. That will be in a day or so.

As always thanks for visiting and God Bless.

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