Saturday, August 29, 2009

The ballad of paper towel guy!

First of all I want to say that I am doing really well. Avery wants me to work another week of 8 hr shift(instead of the normal 12hrs) straight days working in production. Then next week I will be on the 12hr. shifts rotating in production on Dan Blankenship's shift.

I want thank everyone for the prayers that were said for little Brandon, and also to Joe Kern for bringing him to our attention.He was truly a special little boy.My prayers will still be with his family and all the care givers he had.God Bless you all!

This morning Michael and I went to the picnic for the seniors as volunteers to help out. This is something The Sisters of Charity do every year for the celebration of Mother Teresa's Birthday. First we went to Jim's Corner Cafe for breakfast( in down town Griffith). I had an Omelet with all the fixings.(potatoes and toast) Michael had eggs or something. My Omelet was huge. It was very fluffy but yet firm. I could hardly finish it,but I did conquer it. It was very cheap breakfast for us. I will try and go there again someday.

When we got to the sisters to get ready for the picnic, we were giving all the seniors donuts and coffee.Then we had to get ready to leave , so Sister Marie had all the seniors go on the bus and we would give them the donuts and coffee on the bus. Micheal told me later when we were driving to the park that he was groped. He said he was giving out the donuts and then felt a grab on his rear area. Then he said that he looked back at the perpetrator and smiled.I said I guess you have a new friend,Shut up he said

We had a mass service before the picnic started at the park we were at. The only problem we had was that one of the buses that brought the Chicago people to the picnic got stuck in some mud. During most of the Mass we are hearing the bus reving up and the bus drivers yelling directions at each other. It was very distracting to say the least. The bus did finally get free but just before Mass was ended. If you can visualize this it was kinda funny thinking of the scene. Like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, or maybe not.

After Mass was lunch for all the seniors.The volunteers were dishing up the food for everyone and bringing it to them I decided to look at the lake that was there. Hey,it was a nice lake all covered with Duckweed.Turtles love duckweed and I love turtles.I was there looking around for turtles. I did see a few stick there heads up. So after about a half hour of this cat and mouse game , I started to feel bad.So I started my track back to try and look busy.Oh and by the way Michael was with me. I think he was afraid he might stumble across his new friend.So I am back at the picnic area, thinking what to do. Seeing all the other volunteers running around serving the food, I had to do something as not to look lazy. So I grabbed a roll of paper towels and became paper towel guy. I went to the tables looking for anyone that may need extra paper like material(they were already given napkins, so I was basically wasting my time).But wait sloppy Joe's were served, I was saved . After a few minutes of looking totally stupid,I started to hear paper towel guy come here please. I took pride in being called Paper Towel guy. Any job I have ever had I did to the best of my ability and paper towel guy would be no different. I started to hear the chants paper towel guy please come here.Everywhere I turned there was a senior with Sloppy Joe's lathered all over their face. I was so happy cause now I am busier then everybody else. I knew I was the fastest Paper Towel Guy in the world.If there was a way to actually see who was the fastest I am sure I would be that Paper towel Guy, I was that confident.I was flying from table to table. Nothing could stop me, unless somebody threw some type of sugary substance near my face. That would definitely stop me in my tracks.That wasn't what stopped me.What stopped me was that somebody asked me if I had some shrink wrap to wrap up what they couldn't finish. Do I look like shrink wrap guy. I am paper towel guy. Although I am sure I could have been the fastest shrink wrap and paper towel guy all in one,if I put my mind to it.I went to get the shrink wrap to take over this new important job. It seemed like everyone now wanted to get there food wrapped up. My job has changed and I did it with pride. Oh yeah,and I was the fastest. (remember I was speedy Bill when I was little)

Later Michael and I went back to the lake. We were basically done. All the seniors were now playing bingo, so we had time to look around.We are looking at the lake and we noticed a frog staring at us. So we did what any mature adults would do. We started poking at it with a stick. This frog would not budge . He or at least I thought he was a he would be staring at us. He was probably thinking silly humans I am a frog you cannot make me move from the comfort of my watery home. Micheal grabbed a weed that had this soft tip on it. Michael had this brilliant idea, lets tickle it. "You want to tickle a frog". He preceded to try and tickle this frog. This frog still didn't move but, it looked like it had a smile on its froggy face.I think Michael may have a new calling in life, amphibian tickler.

The whole senior picnic was a experience that I will remember for a long time. I will surely try and do it again next year, if I am able to. Next year is also the 100Th Birthday of Mother Teresa. So I am sure it will be a special day.The Sisters are always looking for volunteers to help. This is something I would recommend and not only for all the Frogs and Turtles you may see.

The Carson/Barnes Circus will be at Wicker Park in Highland on the 5th of Sept. for a 2-and 7pm shows and again on the 6th and 7th for 1:30 and 4:30 shows. These Circuses are really worth it to see if you get a chance to go. There is another Circus coming to St. Mary Church in Griffith later in Sept. I will give more info at a later time.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless.

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  1. thanks for yet another entertaining story about a day in the life of...
    i can literally picture both you and michael with the frog...:)

    by the way, have i mentioned how good you are at keeping us informed about the social events in our neighborhood? well i think you should add it to your list of talents..paper towel guy, social event coordinator, the list goes on but i'm alittle tired..sorry!
    have a great week at work and remember..take care of yourself!
    blessings for always..