Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disney Day 6

Note: This was written before I was in the Hospital.

Day 6 was our last day in Disney. The kids woke up to a surprise.  St. Nickolas paid them a visit during the night (St Nickolas Day is Dec,6th).  Except, Zachary shoe was missed and Michael shoe had things that Zach would have wanted ooooooops.   We spent the morning challenged by trying to pack all of the kids souvenirs in our luggage without going over the weight limit. Michael took the kids to play video games while Sally and I were left scratching our heads trying to decide what items we should leave behind to make room.  

After we cleared out the rooms, we headed to Down Town Disney.  By this time I was in a lot of pain and was feeling lousy.  Sally's feet were so swollen her shoes no longer fit and she had to wear sandals or was it slippers. Or maybe they were her bare feet formed to look like foot Decor. Kaity still had gift cards to use.  After a couple of stores, I could no longer bare walking around. Zach and I found a place to sit right off the lake.  We sat there and talked.  It was very enjoyable.  Just the two of us and all of Zachary's brain stumping questions.  Michael went off to do his own thing and Sally and Kaity went shopping.Finally Michael showed up and I got a little break. At that point my head was smoking and not because of the weather.  We than met up and ate at Wolfgang Puck Express.  Of course I ordered spaghetti.  It was the only time during the entire vacation I ordered it.  Sally and Michael each ordered a pizza and Zach ordered meat loaf.  The food was brought to the table.  My spaghetti looked good and it even tasted good.  But the pizza's even looked better.  They were paper thin and looked deliciousness.  Made me regret my decision for spaghetti.  Which is the first, because spaghetti trumps over pizza but not that day.  Zach's dish has finally arrived. It looked like something you would see out of a magazine. A magazine with really big and tall things.  It was a carefully plated plate of mashed potatoes, topped with a slice of meat loaf that was about 4" thick wrapped in bacon and had thin fried onions on top of it, with barbecue sauce swirled on the plate.  It looked very intriguing.  Zach took a couple of bites and said he was full, no doubt.  What a waste of a master piece I was thinking.  Sally and Michael didn't finish their food either.  In front of me sat all of this uneaten visual appealing food.  In my former days I would have gave it my all to not let go to waste.  Unfortunately, I hurt to bad to eat and didn't even make a dent in my spaghetti either.I left to Disney weighing 210 lbs came home at about 200. Not very good news,but hope it will improve soon.

The flight home was better then the flight there. The boys seemed to handle it better.  Michael only grabbed my hand a couple of times.  Towards the end Kaity started to get upset because her ears were hurting but she wasn't loud.  We were all sad to leave Disney but was glad to be back home.  

It's been two weeks since we have been home.  Zach and Kaity are still talking about the vacation.  They even asked me today if we will be able to go back.  I am so thankful we were able to go and that I was well enough to enjoy.  The recent postings were never intended to be that far apart.  After we got back, the pain had become worse.  Even with all the pain medication I was taking, there wasn't much relief.  Last week I had chemo and an appointment with the oncologist.  My doctor wanted me to go in for a scan to see what is going on. I asked if I could wait until after the New Year.  I want my family and I to enjoy our holidays.  If it is going to be bad news, I didn't want that to be the focus for everyone.  In the mean time some of my pain medications have been adjusted and some new ones have been added.  As of now, I am feeling much better. I still have pain but I am still functionable with it. The past couple of days I have been eating more as well.  I have lost over 30 pounds since October, so I am glad to be able to and wanting to eat.  

There is so much more I need to say.  I am going to wait for another day though.  
God Bless,


  1. May God continue to bless your family, Bill!!!! You are the greatest fighter I have ever known! Glad to call you friend!

  2. Dan thank you for your very generous comment. You have been a big part of the blessings that I and my family have received. You are and always will be a dear friend of mine.