Friday, December 16, 2011

Disney Day 4

By day 4, the tow started to show.  Sally was then complaining about her feet, Michael was tired, Zach lagged 50 ft behind us, and I started to hurt really bad but tried to act like I was fine.  I had to snicker to myself when I would see my family.  Here I am the one sick with cancer and I look like I was doing much better then they were.  

Sally was on the mission to take the little ones to see what they missed out on at Epcot.  Even though I thought she was crazy, I understood.  This was their first time at Disney and most likely their only time until they are an adult.  Sally wanted to make sure they experience everything they could while they were there.  Exhausting and as crazy it may have been, I wasn't going to fight her on that.  She woke up bright and early to take the little ones.  She told Michael and me to sleep in and meet them later.  Of course, I wanted to be with them and I pushed myself to go.  Michael, decided to sleep in and caught up with us later.  

We were able to see the attractions that were missed.  Thanks to the guest assistance card, we were able to bi-pass all the long lines which saved us a lot of time.  Of course we had to see "Turtle, A Talk With Crush".  I must say I enjoyed it.  After Crush talked about his life, he started to ask the young audience members questions.  Kaity was the first one he addressed.  He asked her, her name.  She answered really shyly "Kaaaaity".He then said "Hi, Kaaaity" really shyly.  The audience laughed.  Then he asked Zach the same and Zach replied shyly as well. So Crushed said "Hi Zachary" really shyly.  The audience laughed which embarrassed Zach.  When Crushed asked Zach where he was from, Zachary wouldn't answer him back.  

I enjoyed all the  parks but if I had to choose one that was my favorite, it would have to be Epcot. We stayed there until the afternoon and then we went to Hollywood Studios.  I forgot to mention while at Epcot I ran into a guy from work. Not once, but twice at two different parks.  I thought that the was kind of weird. 

Hollywood Studios was a very neat place to go. Zachary really enjoyed the Star Wars attractions and we all thought Indiana Jones was really cool.  Even though the park was open until midnight, we had to move quickly to see the live events because they closed earlier than the park did.  After we were finished, everyone was hungry.  Sally had canceled all the table side reservations to make it less hectic but we then realized it is almost impossible to get in anywhere without a reservation and still had full service meals left on our dining plan.  Sally suggested that Michael and I asked at a couple of places while Kaity and her were walking back to meet us from a show.  I left it to Michael to do the asking and he was told "No".  Sally met up with us and she took us to a place that looked crowded.  People were waiting to be seated.  I thought again, she must be crazy.  She walked in and talked with the manager.  She walked out and said we needed to go next door and ask them if they will seat us.  Michael decided he would ask and with out any hesitance they told Michael they were booked.  So Sally walked backed to the first place and then walked back with the manager and we were sitting down eating 5 minutes later.  The waiter that waited on us was very personable.  He talked to us and even tried to help us find reservations for the following day.  He said if you use some charm you can usually get what you want.  Apparently, my wife has more charm then my son does.  

We stayed there until right before closing.  I was so glad when we got back to our rooms.  I was in so much pain but at that point I was still able to hide it and was determined to wake up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tale.

I have to protect my head from the harsh sun rays. I know it's  night time. The harsh  sun  rays where  still harsh.

Every night we came back to a unique window display.  

Is that or is that not Sally behind Michael?

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