Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pre Halloween

It's seems we are usually as busy during the Halloween season as we are during Christmas, Except, Christmas is way more expensive and family is always involved. I believe you have to make special memories with your kids,no matter what. I want them to have wonderful memories of there childhood.  Today marks my 5 day streak of feeling good. It seems the more active I am, the better I feel.  I am exhausted by all the things I have been doing but it's a good exhaustion,

Yesterday night I thought Halloween may have been ruined for the Ceiga family.  Michael took the little ones to Cabala's.  I went with them last year and it was  nice.  I didn't feel like standing in long lines and Michael offered. So I jumped at the chance of staying out of long lines and no crowds. I got the kids all dressed in there costumes , put there coats on , gave them there candy bags for collecting there candy, kisses and tried to send them on there way. I say tried because it was about 4 hours to early to take them. When Michael was able to take them,  the kids came home happy and were talking about the party.  Sally took one look at Kaity and went berserk.  Kaity's dress was covered in paint.   Non washable paint.  Kaity didn't seem to mind(she was eating candy) but my wife was almost in tears.  Sally yanked the dress off of Kaity and started spraying the stain remover and started scrubbing. She looked like a crazy woman. No, I mean crazier then normal.  I stayed back but I was fearful for the dress,  I didn't think the dress is machine washable and I was afraid with all the scrubbing Sally was going to put a hole in it.  I was more fearful of Sally so I decided to not say a word and hope for the best.  The dress came out OK and Halloween was saved.  

This morning, Zachary had a birthday party to attend.  It was at the  Challenger Learning Center. Neither one of us have been there before.  I walked him in and I was planning on leaving.  Zachary didn't want me to leave him and there were a lot of parents that stayed so I stayed too. I would love to go back some other time and see everything they have to offer. 

Being the party animal Zach is, he had another party this afternoon.  After we dropped him off and we took Kaity to the Tri-Town Safety Village  for a Halloween Party.  I have been intrigued with this place since it was built 4-5 years ago.  I never knew what it was exactly until recently.  It's a child size village that teaches children about safety.  Kaity had a lot of fun going from building to building collecting goodies.  There was a lady singing and Kaity enjoyed dancing and spinning around.  During her trick or treating a lady went up to Kaity and said "Let me guess.  You must be Aurora".  My wife said "No, she is Sleeping Beauty."   The lady then replied  "Aurora is Sleeping Beauty and her name means dawn." I laughed at Sally. She was going back and forth for about 10mins saying"No, Sleeping Beauty", you know nothing about Disney movie's fool.  It's nice when someone proves her wrong and puts her back in her place since she is always doing that to me.  I didn't know Sleeping Beauty and Aurora was the same but I am a guy and I did have my suspicions though. I definitely wouldn't argue about it if I wasn't sure either.  Guys don't know that stuff.  But my wife should have known this.  After that I told everyone what happened to rub it in Sally's face even more.  

After we picked Zach up from his party, we took the kids to Trick or Trunk.  There is a small church that does this every year.  The kids look forward to it and to be honest so do I.  There are 20 cars that are decorated. The kids go from car to car trick or treating.  Some of the cars are really decorated. In side the building they had hot dogs, games, crafts and a guy who makes balloon animals.  OK balloon creations since my wife just corrected me and said he created a flower for Kaity and that isn't an animal. So excuse me of my inaccuracy.  The kids also went on a hayride. 
                                                    Deb, does the coat look familiar to you?

                                               That's my boy.  Checking out his loot.

After we left Trick or Trunk, we went to see carved pumpkins at a house in Griffith.  Every year a family has a display of pumpkins and every year it's a different theme.  This year the theme is Monopoly.  Parked cars line the streets and there were many people there taking pictures and admiring the pumpkins. I heard the heaviest pumpkin was a little over 1300 pounds   It's amazing how creative some people are.  The gentlemen that does all this creativity competes at 3 or 4 different venues with them and I know he has the record for the heaviest pumpkin. 

The night wouldn't be complete without our Saturday junk food and movie night ritual.  Tonight's feature was "Winnie the Pooh".  I was glad it was only 63 minutes long.  The kids liked it though.  Tomorrow, I am planning on taking the kids to some more Halloween fun.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Good night and God Bless.   Bill

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  1. It sounds like you made lots of fun memories over the weekend for you and your kids.