Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oooooohhhh that Zach

Not sure how I should say this.  Not sure if I should say this.  What should I do?   It's been my dilemma ever since a few  nights ago. That  night, Sally was checking the history on the computer.  I think she was checking up on me.  She denied it of course.  What she stumbled upon.........  Left us scratching our heads and rubbing our eye balls.  She looked at me and said "What the Heck!".(the pg version of what she really said).   She looked at me and I looked at her and before she had a chance to say anymore I had to say "It wasn't me".  Really it isn't me.  After we took a few minutes to soak it all in we clicked on one of the links.  Then we had a laugh.  It's very disturbing and mind bottling. It's amazing what people think to look up on the inter net.  It's puzzling how a child of mine would think of such a bizarre thing to look at. Wait a minute I can see that.  We presumed it was a child.  I do not think Sally would be interested in it and I most defiantly would not care to see.  There was at least 30 YouTube videos on the same theme.  Not sure how to describe it. So I guess the best thing to do is to show you.  I must warn you the following videos are disturbing.  It's more disturbing to know that someone in my house takes a liking to these.  Please do not judge my family.We are trying to find the proper help for this person.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  

video one

video two

video three

video four

By the process of elimination we figured out the responsible person.  Sally and I both have no interest in this subject mater. At least now that I am older. We have our own and each others  to look at and play with.  Michael has his own computer.  Kaity is limited to her computer skills.  Then there is Zach.  And then I remember one day I was laying on the couch sleeping and it was the weekend. Zach later come in the living room without me knowing it and started playing on the computer.  I started to  hear some weird music coming from below me. I looked down and saw Zach sitting on the floor with the computer.  I glanced at the screen and saw what I saw. Zach jumped and closed out the screen,and started to play a game. Then he said "I don't know what happened it just popped up." I was really tired and told Zach to put the computer away.  I went back into my deep  sleep and forgot all about it until Sally's discovery.  We confronted Zach, his face turned all red, he said it wasn't me, and ran away to his room.  It explains why we keep seeing him in the past recently days playing with his stomach and belly button.  He made us swear not to tell anyone.  So I am not saying a word.  But it's to funny not to share. So I am keeping my mouth shut but I didn't promise I wouldn't keep my fingers still.  
That is a quick blog. I will do another blog about my progress or regression,whatever the situation may be very soon.

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  1. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! :) poor zachary! such humiliation he will suffer one day, not so far off in the distance when he finds out that you have posted this! truth is i did NOT clink on any of the links as i knew if i read further on i would get a pretty good idea of the subject matter, you bill are NOT very good a keeping secrets...especially secrets of this nature :)
    as always, your blogs are MOST entertaining! :)
    blessings deb