Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 2

Bill is doing much better then yesterday. He will be there  for a couple more days.  He has two bacterial infections that was caused from the ERCP.  It isn't uncommon for it to happen.  He is still running a low grade fever and is being treated by antibiotics administered through an IV.

The bowel obstruction is no longer a concern.  He finally was able to eat and drink this evening.  Right now his major problem is the sleeping arrangements.  He is sharing a room with an 82 year old man.  If the man isn't coughing then he is pushing the call button.  Last night Bill couldn't sleep because of him. His wife was there today.  She kept talking and talking.  Every 5 minutes she would let out a "Ohhhhhhhhhhh My Back".  Then there is a guy across the hall.  He keeps hacking away.  When he isn't coughing he is yelling and screaming. 

This evening the oncologist came up to check on Bill. He said he is going to have Bill moved to the oncology unit. He will be in a private room.  The kids were there tonight to visit him.  They were happy to see their dad.  Made them feel better to because when Bill left yesterday he didn't look good.  Today, he looked a lot better which put them at ease.  Kaity said on the way home she wants her dad to stay in the hospital.  She likes to go their and visit him and loves to eat the cafeteria.  

Thank you for all the prayers.  


  1. Thank God he's being moved to a private room! During one of my hospital stays I had a 94+ year old woman with Dementia as my roommate. She screamed all night long. Finally she was moved the next day and I was able to sleep. Now I request a private room when I go in.

  2. Yahoo! for private rooms.
    It is tough enough just being in the hospital and hooked up to all kinds of machines. The last thing you need is a room mate. Hope you can all get some much needed sleep.
    Best Wishes,