Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Day in Chicago Without Bill :(

Sally again.  Bill has been under the weather. He had chemo last Monday and has been feeling bad ever since.  Even with all the medication he is on, he has been battling with stomach pains and nausea.  

Yesterday, we went to my nephew's birthday celebration. We walked around outside for a little bit and Bill got tired.  It's frustrating for him to be feeling like this. This morning he was feeling nauseated but thought he felt OK enough to go to church.  Near the end of mass Bill became dizzy and we had to leave . He laid down afterwards and ate Spaghetti O's and Franks. He felt better and decided to work in the garage.  He is trying to get the garage cleaned up and get rid of the things I will not need. It makes me sad seeing him preparing for the day when he will not be here. He didn't get much done though.  He became dizzy again and Michael and I helped him put everything back in the garage.  Hopefully soon, he will feel good enough to accomplish the things he wants to do.

Last week Zach and Kaity were both home from school for fall break.  With all the rain we had and Bill not feeling well the kids were bored staying at home. Friday, Zach convinced me to take them to Chicago to walk around.  Zach and Kaity both promised me it wouldn't cost me more then the train tickets. They both packed their lunches.  Kaity gave me a marker so I could write my cell phone number on her arm in case she got lost.   Their mission in Chicago was to go to the Lego store, American Girl store, and Millennium Park.  

On the train ride there, Kaity became hungry and ate her lunch and Zachary decided to eat his lunch too.  It was a long walk to the Water Tower Place but the kids didn't seem to mind. Kaity had never been to Chicago so she was in awe with her surroundings. The kids had a good time looking in their stores. They both kept their promise and didn't ask for a thing. Both showed me a couple of things they wanted and asked if they could go back and shop for their birthdays. 

On the way back the walk seemed like forever. I was worried about Kaity's legs. I thought about getting a cab but whenever I saw one that was available we were not able to get to it.  Kaity was starving. I felt so bad for her.  She was walking really slow and when we finally found a Subway we were only a block away from the park.  After the kids ate, Kaity perked up.  We walked around  Millennium Park for a bit before caught the train.  On the way home, Zach sat by himself. He was hoping no on would sit by him but the train was crowded and a mail man sat next to him.  I could tell Zachary felt really uncomfortable. The gentleman must have gotten the same vibe. He told Zachary he won't bite.  Kaity spent the next 10 minutes laughing hard at Zach.  Zach didn't enjoy Kaity's laughter.  They both had a good time though and Bill was able to relax in an empty quiet house.  

Here are some pictures of Chicago.  Hope you enjoy them.

 In case you are wondering, Zachary is trying to take a picture of Marilyn Manroe's panties.

                                                              A lego created Cowboy

                                                            Woody made out of Lego's.

                                                  The Cloud Gate or as Zach calls it "the bean".




  2. Bill,I hope you will feel better soon. Keep up the fight, we are all behind you.