Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 5

Checking in on day 5.  Bill is doing about the same.  The antibiotics seem to be working according to the blood test. However, they are still upsetting his stomach. Mornings is when he usually feels the worse.  He is still running a low grade fever,which is the concern now. None of the 4 doctors who are treating him at the hospital know why.  

Last night his sister Dawn called him and his brother Mike came up to visit with him. It cheered Bill up. The longer he is there the more depress he becomes.  I know he gets lonely and the days are long for him.  Today, I was grateful for our friends Ron and Lynn. They took Zachary and Kaity to Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm.  The kids had a blast.   I was able to spend a few hours with Bill. Usually I can't stay for hours at a time because the kids get bored and/or I have to run someone somewhere. 

Since there are no restrictions for visiting hours, Michael is going to spend some time with Bill tonight after he gets off at work. I think Michael likes to go up there to check out the nurses. :)  

I will report back tomorrow.  Good Night. 

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