Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our intimacy-take note

Knock on wood, this is the second day in a row I have felt good.  Not a 100% but well enough to be functional. I am grateful for the two days but hoping there will be a few more days left in this streak. Especially, for the weekend since there are a bunch of Halloween things to do with the kids.

This morning, my mom watched Kaity. Thanks Mom!  Sally and I were able to go to the social security office. I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't know what to bring.  We figured we would just talk with someone and come back at a later time with the documents that were needed and come back again after that. Earlier this month, Sally started to fill out the application on line.  She was told to wait until I received my final pay from Avery. In the mean time she talked to a social worker who told her to have me go in person to apply instead of on line.  

We get there and the wait was nothing what I expected. We didn't have to wait that long at all.  Everyone before us was called up to a window but fortunately for me, we were called to talk to a person at a desk. We told him that I wanted to apply for disability, he asked if I had an appointment and I told him whatya mean.  He then went ahead and filled out the forms for me.  It took over 2 hours.  He was surprised I have been working for almost 3 years after my diagnoses.He told me that I should have filled out the info when I was first diagnosed in Jan of "09"  I know I worked longer then most people would have.  However, not working is still a hard concept for me to accept. I still feel I can come back,but I do realize that is a fairy tale.

Good news is, the application was red flagged and submitted today. Which means there is a rush on my application and I should get an answer in a month.My sad story must have done the trick.  Bad news it will take 5 months to start collecting.  Good news, after I receive an approval letter I can collect my 401K which is great knowing it will take just a month or two. Bad news is.........sorry following a sequence.

I am hoping tomorrow, I will feel like I did today.  If the weather cooperates, I am planning on putting out the Halloween decorations after planning to do so since September.  Not sure if I will put out everything, but I would at least like to do some decorations. My kids really look forward to a decorated yard, although Zach isn't keen on Halloween decorations since they scare him. I told him that I would only put out a few of the scarier ones. I just didn't tell him they will be put right outside his bedroom window. Since Halloween is my favorite season, I enjoy decorating and take much pride in my handy work no matter at who's expense.

Sorry about the title of the blog,but thought it would help give me more hits or maybe not. 

That is it for now.  God Bless,   Bill


  1. Don't think it will take long for you to collect on SS. This guy you spoke with has the details and will railroad it through I'm sure. Hope they count it from 2009.

    Love you Bill. Prayers are ascending.

  2. Since Bill was making more then $999 a month, the disability does not begin until he stopped working. There is a 5 month waiting period from the day he is considered disable, before he can collect. SSI there is not a waiting period but he did not qualify for that. Knowing that we will be able to get the 401K soon is a big relief and it will make the wait a lot easier for us.

  3. I'm glad you were able to get so much done on your visit to the SS office. Hopefully they can get everything set up as quickly as possible.
    I agree with you about fall being a wonderful time of year.
    Happy Halloween, Carla