Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 4

Bill seems to be feeling better today. He looks a lot better and is acting like himself.  Looks like he will be having to stay in the hospital through the weekend.  The bacteria levels are not going down as quickly as the should be.  The infectious disease doctor was there this morning.  He switched the antibiotics and told Bill that he is going to have to stay a little bit longer.

The kids are missing him and want him to come home.  I am juggling back and forth between the kids activities and being with Bill.  My mom is out town so I am on my own.  I feel bad not being able to be with Bill more.  Besides one of my friends visiting Bill and the kids and myself, Bill hasn't had any visitors.  So I am trying to be there as much as I can so he won't be lonely and depressed.  

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