Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bill Is In The Hospital

Yesterday (Monday 10/3), Bill underwent another E.R.C.P.  This time it was done to replace the plastic shunt with a metal one.  Everything went well and Bill was able to go home afterwards.  He was in a lot of pain last night which has been common lately.

Today, Bill spent the entire morning and much of the afternoon in bed.  Around 3 this afternoon I went to check on him again and he was in a lot of pain.  I took his temperature and he was running a fever.  His breathing was heavy, he began to vomit, and he had difficulty walking. I made him go to the ER.  Of course he didn't want to go.  I told him if he didn't want to get into the car I would call an ambulance.  So with help from Michael, he got into the car.  We waited in the waiting room for 3 hours. I felt so bad for him.  He was in so much pain and didn't eat or drink anything since yesterday.  When asked to rate the pain from 0 to 10 he said his pain was 9.

Once he was called in the back, things went much quicker.  Pain medication was given to him and he is feeling better.  A CTscan was done.  It showed there could be a small blockage in the bowel.  He is being kept for observation.  Tomorrow morning the gastric doctor and oncologist will be there and I will know more information then.

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