Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's The Way The Cracker Crumbles

My darling wife's last post (http://bill46319.blogspot.com/2011/09/roller-coaster-continues.htmlleft out some important information.  I try not to be the blog  patrol  for I do appreciate her updates when I am not able to. I try to have a blind eye to her mistakes, inaccuracies, her one sided opinions, and her tendency to leave out information (when it regards her).  This time though, even though I tried I just can't keep quiet.  I tried, but for sake of keeping this blog honest, I can't let pertinent information go without being on record.

When we went to U.I.C. Medical Center is was a very long day.  I didn't eat before we left. I was in pain and didn't think we would be there all day.  I didn't know either we would be doing a lot of walking (thanks to someone for leaving the CT scan disk in the car).  Between talking with doctors and nurses we had to go back to the car to get the disk.  Sally offered to go alone.  However, it was a couple of blocks away and I didn't want her to get lost and end up in Evanston.  She doesn't have the gift of direction like I do.  She uses her phone GPS to find her way through life.  She even used it to find the car at the Blueberry Fest.  I didn't want her to embarrass herself by walking around with the GPS talking and everyone looking at her.  She seemed concerned that I wasn't feeling good because I was hungry and in pain. On the way back to the doctor's office she mentioned to me she saw a gift shop on the way out of the building.  She told me I should grab a snack on the way back.  I was really looking forward to getting a snack.  I was hoping they sold milky ways.  We get there and Sally pointed me to a closed gift shop.  Yes, I said closed. There was a display of candy bars sitting in front of the window taunting me.  That was such a mean trick.  Why didn't she tell me before we walked to the car, I thought to myself.  Nooooooooo she tells me when it is closed.  I think she did it purposely.  Even though she won't admit it.  But she does love to torment me.  

Finally we were able to leave. We walked to the parking garage and a certain someone had forgotten to get the parking ticket validated.  Which means we would have to pay twice the amount to park.  So we had to walk again trying to find someone to validate the parking pass. By this time I thought I was going to faint and waiting for Allen or Peter Funt to jump out and say smile your on Candid Camera ( Allen died so I guess it wouldn't be him duh).  I was starving,I thought I was going to die (Sorry bad choice of words, my bad).  We finally get the pass validated.  We were walking to the car when Sally points to a lady who was caring two cases of taffy apples.  The next thing I know, Sally darts off towards the lady.  I am thinking I have never seen Sally move so fast in my life, it was like a blur. I hope she doesn't tackle the lady. I am happy too.  My wife does love me.  Then I looked and I saw the taffy apple lady staring at my wife. When Sally approached her the lady gave her that look.  The look like "What the heck do you want lady".  I then saw the lady shaking her head and as Sally walked away empty handed.  The lady started talking to a man, a mean looking man and she pointed at Sally and both were laughing.  I asked Sally what happened.  She told me the lady wasn't selling apples.  In fact they were empty boxes she was taking home.  I wanted to laugh but I was in to much pain from hunger. I thought I was going to die(Sorry).  When we drove away the  two people were still standing there laughing at her.
Bag Lady
We finally get to the exit of the garage and I go into my wallet and asked Sally for the parking ticket.  Sally hands me the ticket and I looked at her.  I couldn't believe what I saw.  She had cracker crumbs on her face and the front of her shirt.  I am the one who hasn't eaten all day.  I am the one who is about to faint(and die).  I am the one who is sick from cancer.  When she went in her purse to get the ticket she found a package of crackers Kaity put in their.  Instead of offering them to me, she ate them.  She didn't even show any remorse.  When I questioned her about the crumbs she just licked them off  her face as if she was Scooby Doo.   Here I was thinking she was concerned about me.  I think she she was chasing the apple lady for herself and not for me at all.  

Scooby Doo

Of course she would not admit anything she done that day.  But it is the truth. The entire truth.  At least it's the truth as far as I am concerned.  I wouldn't dare to embellish the truth.  

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