Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Need a Vacation

I have been told to write this blog without my opinion so I will. We met with the oncologist today to go over the CT results. The CT showed that there is no change. Meaning the cancer in the lymph nodes have not spread but it hasn't shrunk either.

This latest information can mean two things. It could mean that the PET scan could have showed evidence of cancer before the CT scan. Or the PET scan gave a false reading. It could also mean the PET scan was compared to a PET scan that was taken months prior and not the latest one. Bill said that the tech had some troubles during the PET scan.

With all the uncertainties, the oncologist is going with the cancer is being maintained by the current treatment. So, chemotherapy treatments will be continued. From now on, CT scans will be done every 2 months to keep a closer watch on the cancer.

I should be out dancing for joy. However, I am both mentally and physically exhausted to celebrate. I need a vacation after all of this.


  1. i think you (both of you) DESERVE a vacation as well as NEED a vacation! its certainly been a LONG couple of years for you!
    i guess the news is, frustrating? would that be a good word?
    still, i can't imagine for the life of me what it must be like to be living this reality and all i CAN do is offer my prayers and support!
    endless blessings and prayers are heading your way!

  2. I really really really "frown" how the oncologist office has handled this from the beginning!!! I do realize they were going with the information given to them- but for crying out loud, dealing with the emotional aspects the fricken roller coaster of cancer ISN'T just about the information on paper in front of them! *deep breath* From the beginning- far better for that nurse and then that doctor to have said something along the line of, "the PET is inconclusive, lets get a CT scan to get the best possible picture". Instead they made the choice of thinking the worse and even the doc saying, "I'm sorry" at the end! like he had just given a death sentence!! aughhhI have also heard of dead or in the process of dying cancer light up on the PET- and YES it could be that the cancer is too small to pick up on the CT.
    Please still go to the second opinion!
    And always Bill, Sally, kids- you are in my prayers, I am convinced that God has not forgotten you!

  3. Thanks Patty. I agree with you 100%. Bill is going in a couple of weeks for a second opinion.