Friday, September 9, 2011

Really! You Got To Be Kidding!

Wednesday ended up being a good day for us. Yesterday, was even better, but I will save yesterday's news for another day. Bill might want to share the exciting news himself. Even though most of the people who read this already seen it on my face book page. We had less then 48 hours of good news before Bill got hit with some bad news again.

Bill worked mid nights last night and had chemo early this morning. I couldn't stay because I had to take Michael to work and Kaitlyn to preschool. Bill called me as said he will not be receiving his infusion today. The blood work indicated that the bilirubin level was up. Plus, the doctor said he was jaundice. More blood work was ordered and an ultra sound was done. By the time I got there, all the test were done and Bill was waiting for the results. I was impressed on how fast everything went. Finally, all the results were back and the ultra sound showed a swollen bile duct. It also showed gallstones. We were told most likely, there is a stone blocking the duct and that Bill needed to see the gastric doctor. We went to the gastric doctor who was in the same building and had to wait 2 more hours to see him. I was relieved he was able to have all the test done and see the specialist today. Bill was getting aggravated. He had been up all night and was hungry. By the time we left the clinic he had been there for a total of 5 hours. The gastric doctor said it could be a number of things. He mentioned a stone, he also said it could be a tumor. On, Monday a scope with be done to find out. Hopefully whatever it is, it can be fixed then. The scope is an out patient procedure. Bill will be heavily sedated and it will be performed in a hospital. Hopefully, he will be able to receive the chemo infusion next week.

Sorry to those of who I didn't return phone calls to. After all of this, I had a headache and tried to lay down a bit. I ended up taking the kids to the mall so Bill could sleep.

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