Monday, September 12, 2011


Bill had the ERCP done this afternoon. We were hoping it would be a quick outpatient procedure to remove the stone that was blocking the bile duct. Unfortunately, it's a tumor that is causing the obstruction.  A plastic shunt was inserted to allow drainage.

Not sure what this really means. I was to stunned to ask questions. The gastric doctor will be speaking with the oncologist this evening. I am hoping we will get a call to talk with the oncologist. Not sure if the chemo will be stopped. I have a feeling it will be until he goes to see the oncologist at U.I.C.  

Bill is doing good other wise. He is home resting. He is tired and has an upset stomach. He will be able to return back to work tomorrow.


  1. I' m so sorry. I wish they would figure out a sure way to keep those nasty cells from ruining our health and lives. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Good Luck. I loved your recent visit to the hospital post. I'm glad you still know how to laugh.

  2. Thank you Carla, I appreciate your comment.My stomach is still bothering me. Taking an extra day off from work. Laughter is very important in my life whether I have cancer or not and should be in every bodies as well. My wife will sometimes will get upset with me cause I joke about me dying. That's how I cope.Thanks again and glad you like the blogs

  3. no, not great news. Rather sucks news. Hoping at least the procedure works and get your liver back up to par. Wishing you could get in to the other oncologist sooner than next week. *sigh* I can only imagine how hard this has been, please know you, every single one of you, continue to be in my prayers.