Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Backside View

Today Bill had the selective internal radiation treatment done to the liver at UIC.  It went very well.  We will know in 2 to 3 months if the procedure killed the tumors in the liver.  So far, Bill is fairing well.  He is not nauseated and the pain is minimal so far.  It is not unusual for pain and nausea after this procedure.  Maybe tomorrow he will be feeling the effects.  Because of the radiation, he needs to stay away from the little ones for the next week.  He can hug them but they are not allowed to sit on his lap.  He needs to stay 3 feet away from them and do not spend no more than 2 hours with them at a time.  It is going to be hard but he will be going back to work on Sunday which will help with the situation.  Another side effect he might have to deal with is major fatigue.  He is on steroids to help combat the fatigue. He was told the fatigue lasts for about 2 weeks.  Hopefully, it won't be so bad for him.  Right now him and Zachary are having a contest on who can snore the loudest.  Bill is in the lead.  I need to add ear plugs to my shopping list.

I know it's Bill's blog but I thought it would be different to show my perceptive.  Today, I spent 12 hours at the hospital with Bill and I wanted to share a little about my day.  Instead of making it all about Bill's day.

We arrived at the hospital around 7am.  At 10:30 they began the SIRT on Bill and he was finished at noon.  I sat in the waiting room by myself bored.

When we went back to the room, I was sent on a food room.  I had the privilege of looking and smelling all the delicious hospital food.  How someone can eat that food day in and day out baffles me. I can barely tolerate it for a day.  I then had to go to the gift shop to get the rest of the food items (candy) that were on his list.  One good thing that came out of it, I met a lady on the elevator and she gave me a menu for a local restaurant that has good food.  Hopefully, we will never have to go back to UIC again, but if so I am bringing the menu.

I get back to the room and help Bill with his food since he had to lay almost flat.  First, was the liquid tray.  Then we the regular tray. I had to cut up his turkey and butter his role. He also had a grilled cheese sandwich, peaches and cottage cheese,stuffing, green beans, and a yogurt banana smoothie.  I was thinking the entire time. this resembles nothing of a liquid diet he was told to be on to help prevent him from getting nauseated
and vomiting everywhere. 
After that he watched TV and slept.  He rattled the room with his snoring.

Once again, I was bored.  So I decided to paint my nails since it's rare to be able to paint them and not move long enough for them to dry at home. I recently discovered a new brand on nail polish called Zoya.  It stays

on longer and is safer then other brands. 

I realized there was a beautiful window view from the room.  I stared out, while he snored away.

Ester, the nurse practitioner, came in the room to check on Bill and woke him up.  She talked to us for awhile and shortly later Bill was able to sit op and move around.  Ester asked Bill what he wanted for dinner.  He told her to surprise him.  So he waited with anticipation for his dinner surprise.  And he was surprised.
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A liquid diet is not what he had in mind.  So I was off to down stair for another food run. In the mean time he took over my chair and watched more TV.  I got the pleasure of watching court shows all day.

The  joys of the cafeteria.  Reminds me of high school but I think the food in high school was a tad better.  Then another trip to the gift shop for more candy.

Bill cramming down a hot dog.  He couldn't have a Snickers until he ate his hot dog.

Then we sat some more while he watched TV and slept some more.
When he did wake up again, I managed to make him him a little agitated but I can't remember exactly what I did.

I think that was when I told him the gift shop closed and there would be no more candy runs.

I also saw a lot of this.

Unfortunately. I think a lot of people got to see that.  His gown was on the shorter side as well.  So there was a lot of front exposure too.  I would have taken a picture of it but I was afraid Bill would lose all of his blog fans.  Plus, there were enough pictures taken of that area for a medical publication in Brazil. I hope Bill is enjoying his sleep while I am taking pleasure of being a good wife and writing a post for him.


  1. OH SALLY!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
    i have to say that i DO believe you have gotten him back for ALL the comments he has made about you since he started his blog!!!!!
    might i take a moment to compliment you on how well you have done on this particular entry ....all the pictures very well placed and all planned out along with your text. i can only imagine how much fun you had all day visualizing the order of these pictures and how much fun you were going to have once you got home and could start this!!!!
    i laughed harder and harder as each picture came up but your "ending" was the BEST!!!!!!
    you guys "crack" me up!!!! :)
    blessings for always, deb :)

  2. btw ...your nails look great! :)

  3. You think you are so clever,don't you. Those who laugh last laughs last or first or never will laugh again something like that you get the picture. BE ON YOUR GUARD WOMEN!! It's on. And believe me I will laugh first before you laugh last or something like that.

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