Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silly Girl

This is what Kaitlyn looked like prior to 12-31-2010.

This is what she looked after.  I was told she was going to have a couple of inches cut off.  But she looked at a magazine and told the beautician what she wanted.

This is what she looked liked on her Birthday morning. We noticed her hair had bangs transformed over night. There was not piles of hair to be found.  Kaity did not know how she got the bangs but later said she cut her hair in Michael's room. Which explains why we couldn't find the hair.

This is what she looks like now after an attempt was made to fix what was done.

By the way, Sally found the missing hair tucked underneath the couch.

Working on a special blog. Hope to have it posted by this weekend. 


  1. gotta luv it! and she's still just as sweet as can be! :) guess who?

  2. Hi Bill, I see you have been following my blog and I wanted to find out more about your story.

    I am sorry to hear that you are nearing the end of treatment options. I certainly hope that the new chemo regimen will be effective.

    We found out on April 5 that we are completely out of treatment options, and he is not eligible for any clinical trials in Canada. We are spending most of our time with family and enjoying time with our grandson.

    I have found this journey tough enough, but I marvel and give deep respect to those who fight this dreadful disease and have young children. You and Sally are both very special people!

    I wish you all the best and may there be a new drug just around the corner that will make this all go away!

    Take care,