Friday, March 18, 2011

He's Back

We are back home from University of Illinois at Chicago. In spite or despite my driving.  Bill is giving me a complex about my driving because of his comment on facebook.  I spent all day with him.  Making sure he was well taken care of and this is the thanks he gave me. What a guy.

Today, went well for Bill.  Of course, it is rare for Bill to go anywhere without causing laughs and making a scene or two or even three. Today he didn't fail himself. He began by putting the hospital gown on wrong.  It was already tied in the back and he was told to slip the ties around his neck.  This is proof Bill doesn't listen.  He didn't slip the ties around his neck and instead the tie that is suppose to be in the back was around the front part of his neck. It looked like he was being choked. He didn't realize anything was wrong until I started laughing at him.  After that was fixed, he was carted off to the holding room.  I followed to give him moral support, hold his hand, and to wipe the tears and sweat away from his face.  The nurses explained the procedure to him once again to make sure he understood what was going to happen. He cringed every time someone would remind him the procedure was going to be performed through his groin. After, they were done talking to him he said to me in a serious tone, "If you hear a bunch of laughter coming from the room you know they started on me". The nurses heard and started to laugh. The more the nurse talked about it, the redder his face got.  He managed to embarrass himself this time.  During the procedure he wouldn't fall asleep. When more medication was administer to sedate him, his blood pressure dropped.  I think he was seriously afraid he would be laughed at when they looked at this groin so he fought to stay awake. 

After it was all over, he had to spend the next 6 hours laying flat.  He still managed his clownish ways and made the nurses laugh.  He asked one if she was married because she put sugar in his tea for him.  Made it sound like I do nothing for him.  Even, though he kept sending me down stairs to buy him food.  I just realized something.  Maybe he wasn't hungry, he just sent me away so he could flirt more. 

Like I said earlier, he is doing well.  He has a little discomfort which is normal. He can't drive until Sunday and is not able to lift anything that is more than 5 pounds.  No pushing or pulling either.  Let's see if he will listen.  I am willing to make a wager that he will not.  We were told that they were able to map out the veins that lead directly to the tumors.The doctor feels confident that the SIRT will work.  He is scheduled to have it done on March 24, unless they are not able to get the radiation spheres by then. 

Hopefully, Bill will be able to write a post over the weekend.  I am sure he will have a thing or two to say about this post.  However, I am only saying the truth and it's not fair to his blog followers to omit information even if it does make Bill look like a goof.He is what he is and he is loved for that.


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  1. staying positive and continuing prayers for all of you! can't tell you how MUCH i enjoy these posts and how appreciative i am that you keep us current on EVERYTHING (and i do mean everything) :) :) :)
    you guys have the BEST outlook and i have learned from THE TWO OF you how IMPORTANT a sense of humor really is!
    keep the faith!
    blessings always