Monday, March 21, 2011

I meant well.

Not sure why, but Sally is still steaming over yesterday's blog.  I think it's the blog or maybe it's the subtle comments I made about her driving through out the weekend and today and probably again tomorrow.  Either way, I am in the dog house.  

I tried making it up to her and I washed laundry.  I even folded and put them alway. Not necessarily in that order.  She just glared.  I even did all the running around today for her and she stayed in her wonderful sleeping attire and played on the computer all day, a typical day.  So, I am hoping by outing myself in which it will be humilitating to myself, I can earn Sally's love back.  I really need to by Thursday.  I don't want her to be mad and therefor mean to me then.  Thursday, will be the day I will be having the SIRT done.  I have to be at UIC at 6:30 a.m. in the morning. There isn't anything worse than a bunch of women, most of witch ( I wonder if she'll notice the spelling) can do some major damage to my delicate area and make it look like an accident. 

The other day Sally and I went out to dinner at Cracker Barrell with the 2 youngsters.  Dinner actually went well.   There were no spilled drinks, no cries, no foods spots on clothes and no child falling off their chair. That's because Michael our 20 year old was at work.  At the very end Kaity says "I have to go poo-poo", "DADDY POO POO"! Say it louder sweetheart cause I don't think the people at the visiters center heard. Sally was still eating and wasn't feeling well because she donated blood earlier that day, how convenient I thought to myself( I think to myself a lot, its safer that way).  I was finished eating so I reluctantly volunteered to take her to the bathroom. We walked into the washroom.  I got her all situated on the toliet.  I decided maybe I should try to winkie myself.  I looked and thought it was quite  odd their were no urinals in the bathroom. Well anyway,  I did what I needed to do.  Washed my hands and waited for Kaity to do her thing.  I could hear her working really hard by her grunts, in between her beautiful singing. Still thinking the whole time about the lack of urinals. that must be something new that some places must be trying out in mens latrines.  I noticed a machine on the wall and walked to it to check it out. Noticed two buttons on it with some wording. Because of the chemo my eyesight isn't what it should be. I looked a little closer at the buttons and saw that it said Tampons and the other one said sanitary napkins. I than thought why would a mens washroom have ooooooooohhhhhh heeeelll no!   It was a machine for the ladies. I quicky exited to look at the door.  I stared at it for a few seconds to make sure it actually had W-O-M-E-N on the door and not M-E-N.
 I could have sworn it read MEN. I was so embarrassed I stayed outside the door.  I poundered how I could do such a thing.  I know I have done some silly things in my life but this takes the cake.  There is no way.  I saw MEN on the door. I didn't see the WO before it. I know my eyes are bad because of chemo but not that bad.  It dawned on me that I saw the writing around the corner.  Which is clearly the reason why I didn't see the WO before the MEN.  Plus, I was rushed by Kaitlyn so I didn't have a chance to double check but why would I.  It said MEN and I am more then capable of reading bathroom signs.  At least that is what I thought at the time.  I know now I need to check and double check before entering a public restroom.  I was in the ladies' washroom for almost 15 minutes.  If a lady or worse an older lady with a big heavy purse I would have been toast. At that point I felt like a Marshmallow at a smores convention. I could have even been arrested for being a creepers.  I was glad there wasn't anybody in there when I first brought her in.

 It seemed like it took Sally hours to finish that little bit that was left on her plate. I knew she did it purposely.  I would have done the same.  Who loves taking their kids to a public bathroom and to go "poo-poos" on top of that. . I never leave my kids in the bathroom by themselves. I Felt this was  exception, besides nobody was in there when I walked out with my tail between my legs. As I stood waiting, Sally finally shows up.  She was a little perturbed to say the least.  She started yelling at me for leaving Kaity in a guys bathroom alone.  She said she couldn't believe how ignorant I was and something bad could have happened to her.  I tried to tell her something bad could have happened to me if I stayed but she didn't stop talking long enough for me to say a word.  When I was finally able to calm her down, she saw my arm up and finger pointed to the ladie's room.  Then she took over the situation for a whole 3 minutes.  Walked out of the washroom, asked for the car keys, said she was getting dizzy, and walked away.  Leaving me scratching my head and praying Kaitlyn wouldn't need any assistance." Thanks for the help Honey"!!!!

Oops I did it again.  I really tried to wright a blog that embarrassed me, myself.  But I love my wife so much, it's so hard not to include her in my ramblings.  I don't think I did a very good job of redeeming myself, probably made it worse.

Oh, I'm going to end this now before I dig more holes. Thanks for all the prayers and support. God bless you all.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! this one was a true LOL! i mean i HONESTLY laughed OUT LOUD!!!! :)
    as i read through i wondered IF you ever admitted to sally what you had done because surely she would have enjoyed the way, you were doing fine up until you added the last might have been better for you if you had simply ended it when you were outside the door waiting...
    LUV the picture at the top of the blog...seems as if you get yourself into that dog house with little help from anyone outside :)

    got ya covered with prayers and looking forward to hearing how things go on thursday! do yourself a huge favor...just sit back, close your eyes and say NOTHING about the drive there or back at all! silence is golden! and if you can't say something nice....:)
    blessings for always

  2. A simple I am sorry and a little sentence or two on how lucky you are to have me drive you around when you can't, go to all of your doctor appointments, chemo treatments and procedures so you won't have to go through it alone. Knowing that I could be doing my studies during that time. Along with rubbing my feet while we watch "Desperate Housewives" together.

    But no! This is the thanks I get. I hope you dig out your walking shoes because you are going to need them. By the way, you think you are quite clever by the wheel chair/bathroom sign. I am the one who taught you how to use the computer. Oh, by the way you can stay off MY computer. You are a foolish old man. Just wait. :o)