Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angiogram in the Morning

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Bill is slaving over the fish tank as I am sitting here writing this post.  

Yesterday, he went to UIC to speak to a doctor about the next steps into treating the cancer in the liver.  For the most part, we understood what was going to happen because of the visit we had in November. The doctor wanted to act quickly so Bill can resume the chemo treatments as soon as possible.  We appreciate his concern.  Yesterday, all the paper work was faxed to the insurance company and today (in the later part of the afternoon) his nurse called me.  The insurance company had approved everything and Bill will be at the UIC 6:30 in the morning tomorrow.  He will be having an angiogram.  This is done to map the veins to his liver.  The procedure it self isn't very long but he will have to lie flat and still for 6 hours following it. 

Next week he will go back to have the SIRT procedure done.  This is where radiation beads are injected directly into the tumors.  This too should be an outpatient procedure.

Bill has this weekend off from work and should be able to go back to work on Tuesday.  He will be on light duty for 2 weeks since he will not be able to lift anything that is over 5 pounds.  This is why he is cleaning out the aquarium now.  Two turtles can become smelly after awhile.

I know everyone has been praying for us and we really appreciate it. Bill is doing amazingly well.  It's hard on him having all the medical stuff dictate his life.  Hopefully, next week we will get the results back for the KRAS mutation and after that life will go back to a new normal state whatever that will be.  


  1. sending endless prayers and blessings!

  2. Hey, Bill you have been on my daily rosary and I offer Mass for your recovery. You are a brave and dear soul. Love you, your cousin Barbara

  3. Thank you very much Barbara. I really appreciate everything you have done. It's the wonderful people like you that helps make me brave cause I know that I have a battle but you will help me win the war. God Bless you and with love Bill.