Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Truth is Revealed at Last

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There are always three sides of a story.  His, hers, and the truth. I am not saying that Sally's post was a lie.  It's the way she perceived the day.  I am here today not to give your my view or perception of the day on Friday March 19th, 2011, but the truth and nothing but the truth.

Sally did leave out some important information regarding that day.  Of course, she did not mention the elevator incident.  The incident that involved an elevator, my wife, and a lady in a wheel chair.  The only reason why I know this happened because Sally walked into the hospital room all flustered and told me what happened. All I could do was shake my head at her and laugh.  While I was laughing she sternly told me it's not blog material.  She forgets it's MY blog and I am the one that's in control  here.  She may wear the pants in the house but when it comes to MY blog I wear the pants, although they are a little ripped and wrinkled half the time.

Back to the elevator.  Sally was the one that wanted the food.  She was the one that kept going for the food.  I ate it so it wouldn't go to waste but she was the one who wanted the hot dogs, french fries, mozzarella cheese sticks  Snickers candy bar and the tea to wash it all down with..  I was perfectly content with my clear liquid tray that was waiting for me. Especially the chicken broth, that brings back fond memories of my Colonascopy.  After one of her food runs, she walked into the room and her face was all red.  I asked her what was wrong.  She began telling me that a lady held the evaluator door open for her.  The lady was in a wheel chair. She then told me that she asked the lady what floor she wanted and Sally pushed 7 for her which was the same floor I was on.  The elevator stopped on 7 and that is when Sally found out the lady wanted to get off on floor 2 and not 7( I really think Sally knew the truth).  I could just imagine what the lady was thinking.  Here she struggles in her wheel chair to hold the door open for Sally.  Sally pushes the wrong floor for her (Probably on purpose).  So she had to go up an extra 5 floors before she had to go back down 5 floors to get to where she wanted.  I don't blame her if she never helps someone out again.

Sally also fail to add the numerous times she unplugged the sound for the TV or the numerous times she accidentally pushed the call button.  OK I did accidentally push the call button once but my wife did it so many time I lost count( again I believe her to be a on purpose pusher).After about the 8th time they responded I told Sally ssshhhhh maybe they will go away.They must of heard me go ssshhhh and Sally giggling, now the MAY WE HELP YOU was louder. So thinking that Sally was giggling and someone had to be the mature one I said" Sally tell the lady what you want." Her giggling quickly halted and that was replaced with a look that said "%^&;$##&!@#;&)*p;$%. So I had to say sorry Ma'am my wife pushed the button again. Her look didn't improve.   By the end of the day I felt we were "Bill's & Sally's Comedy Act" on the road. 

As for her driving, if the cancer doesn't kill me her driving will. She couldn't decide if she wanted to go fast , slow or even faster. She asked me if her driving makes me nervous." I just told her if this is my time to go it's my time to go". She really didn't like that comment to much cause she told me if she was that bad that she would have our 20 yr. old son Micheal drive me next time. My fear turned to tears and I had no choice but to apologize and write 50 times that," You are the best driver on the road".

I want mention that I am still doing good. Just a little tired and sore. As of now I will be having the SIRT procedure on Thursday but, that may change if they weren't able to get the radiation beads. Then it will be next week. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes , it makes me feel good with all the support that I have  received.

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  1. sometimes i just don't know WHO to believe!
    thankfully the entertainment that you two provide leaves me shaking my head and laughing and i figure the truth lies somewhere in the middle of both stories! :)

    hoping you feel better and stronger each day bill and sending prayers to ALL OF YOU in the house.....:)
    blessings always, deb