Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Up date

Just a little blog to keep my fans informed. As I wrote previously I had chemo on Thursday and had the pump take out on Saturday. For the most part I was fine. Just very tired and the food has very little or no taste. I am doing better now though.

Today I went for my CT scan. Usually I don't have a problem drinking the barium but today I did. I could barely get it down and hours later I still can't get the taste of it out of my mouth. I will find out the results on October 1st. That is when the next office visit is. They do not give out test results out over the phone. I kind of understand why but now I have to wait.

Today, Sally and I took Kaity to get shoes. When we use to take Michael when he was little he always ran around. He was more interested in playing with the toys then he was with the shoes. The first pair he tried on was usually the ones we bought. Not because we liked them the best but because we couldn't catch him to take them off of him. Kaity on the other hand, is a true shopping queen. She sat their patiently waiting for her turn. She sat there without moving waiting for her shoes. The sales lady brought out at least 15 pairs of shoes for her to try on. Kaity didn't mind trying on shoes. There was a pair of shoes Kaity and Sally liked very much. With the boys you can get away with one pair of shoes. However, some outfits look silly with running shoes for her. So we usually end up having to buy her 2 pairs. I was ready to buy the ones that they liked until Sally asked how much they were. They were only $68. Her shoes usually cost more then mine and they only last 3-4 to months but $68 that's crazy. Plus we still would have had to buy her a pair for outside. Sally is still talking about how she wished we bought them for her.

I also wanted to address a couple of items. Lynn wrote in my guess book today. Not sure if she will be back in the guess book so I wanted to reply to her message. Yes, Dr. Mboama is very good. I like him very much. I couple of patients I have talked to had fired their oncologist and went to him instead. I have not heard of any patients that have complained about him. He is a little hard on his staff but he has always been respectful with me. Sally will come in with a billion questions and he will answer them all without rushing us out. As for his staff, they under staffed. They really need to hire more people. It's hard to get through to then when you call as well. The staff themselves our very nice. They go out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible. Lynn, I hope some day I get to meet your dad at chemo. I am the one that usually wears a Cub shirt and my wife is often in and out of the room. I also feel that Doctor MBoama is a very aggressive Oncologist. He will do is best to make us better. Having the Big "C" isn't a death sentence by any means. Cancer has come a long way in just two short years with all the testing that is going on. You have to be positive no matter how things may look. Your mind frame has a lot to do with the recovery.

I want to mention that this blog is hopefully to inform and to help understand what I and other cancer patients are going through. It's not about my family,although I did want to have a reminder for my kids of how things were with there dear old dad, and I also like to tell the stories. Now that I think more about it,it is more for my kids. Its a way for them to remember me and have the fond memories that I have tried to give them if I do die. I just hope that if anyone may have any questions not to hesitate to ask. Again I want to thank Lynn for making a comment on my guest book and hope you continue to visit my blog. If anyone wants to get ahold of me, you can look me up on Face book. I check this daily as the blog is every few days or so since I don't post daily anymore.

I was told my blog needs to be shorter. I would like to say thank you for your opinion. I really want to hear what people think. I know my blog is lengthy at times. However, there are some weeks when it's just not possible for me to write during the week because of work and not feeling my best. I will try to make them shorter though. How about if I make the print smaller and won't look as long?

"Biggest Looser" is on so I am going to go and watch it and eat my frozen pizza. Take care and God Bless. I will try to post again this weekend.Take care and God Bless.


  1. ok so i am guessing that taylor is doing well right?
    and i am happy that you survived yet another chemo and i am hopeful that you will post your results the SECOND that you get home from your appt next week! PLEASE!!! you remain as always in my prayers!
    stay healthy as our house was hit with the flu this week too, well everyone but me anyway!
    blessings for always

  2. Happened by this blog by way of playing Mafia wars on facebook.Don't cut your blogs short for anyone. Enjoyed reading this one, and I don't even know you or your family. Blog on. You are in my prayers.