Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stories from the front

Sorry I didn't post in the middle of the week. Still trying to figure out if anyone is still reading this besides Deb. I worked days this week. I thought I was going back on my rotating shift but they kept me on an 8 hour shift again. I had chemo on Tuesday and went into work afterwards. I am very thankful to be working at a company who is understanding. Most places wouldn't accommodate me. Avery does without making me feel guilty. I was able to make up the hours I missed which is good because I have very little vacation time built up to use. It seems like the chemo treatments are starting to effect me a little bit. I think one reason is that when I was home I was able to sleep it off. I am still functionable but I just don't feel 100%. It was also more of a challenging week because we had to clean out the machine one day. It's hard to understand if you do not work at Avery. The machine has chambers we have to squeeze into it to clean. It's hot and dirty inside there. It's miserable even if you are not sick. The chambers are also dirty with Aluminum Oxide and dirt and Oil, so by the time we are done we are filthy. Well I had my pump in when we had to clean. I could not take a shower until I had the pump removed. That is the worst part. I am going to talk with the nurses and see if I could put the pump in a zip lock bag and take a bath. The tube is long enough it should reach the floor. At least then I would feel better.

I have been keeping notes so I have a lot to talk about. Before, I had trouble thinking what to write. Now, I have the opposite dilemma. I am looking at my notes and I see I have something to write about every member of my family. Of course excluding myself. I guess I will start with youngest to oldest. So Kaity is first. The other day Sally and I took her to Target with us. Usually she talks about the "baby dolls" but that night she kept asking for a "baby sister". At first we thought we heard her wrong but she was very clear. While we were shopping she kept mentioning a baby sister. She was even trying to put baby items in the cart for her baby sister. Sally and I both looked at each other and shook our heads. It was cute at first but we both kind of got nervous as she went on.I quickly changed the subject to something I can relate to better. Kaity want to go get some ice cream,yyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaahhhh. We just got rid of most of the baby items it would just be our luck if Kaity got her wish. So far she has been quiet about a baby sister. Hopefully, she will stay that way.

Monday, when I came home from work, Kaity ran up to the door. Her arms were open big and wide while she ran up to me. She gave me the biggest hug ever and while she was hugging me she said "I Love You". Hugs are rare from her and I never heard her say "I love you" unless she is told that first. I was the happiest dad in the world that day. She has never done that to my wife so that even made it more special to me.
On the day of my chemo we didn't have a sitter for Kaity. Michael watched her until he had to go to school. Sally was with me at chemo for an hour before she left. I slept their for the most part but when ever I woke up this guy from across the room was always looking at me. I hope I wasn't snoring and I hope he wasn't staring at me because he noticed the drool running down my face. At least when Sally is there she will wipe off my drool and wake me up when I start to snore. The chemo session took longer then usual. Sally waited in the waiting room with Kaity for me. She didn't bring any snacks, books or toys with because she didn't think she would have to wait and hour and a half for me. Kaity was asking for me so Sally called my cell phone so my little girl could talk to me. Kaity said "Hi Daddy!" in her cheerful voice. She wasn't yelling but she talked to be heard. A man sitting kiddie corner to them said "Shhh be quiet". At first my wife thought he was joking but realized he wasn't. So she told him Kaity was fine. She wasn't yelling and she wasn't running around. The guy commented that he thought there were no cell phones allowed in the hospital. Sally told him there are no signs posted and that this isn't a hospital and if you don't shut up my musculine husband is going to kick your butt(I added the last part for added effect) Then the guy got up and walked away.
After my chemo we were all hungry and I needed to eat before I went in to work. We went across the street to Edwardo's for lunch. There was a little boy Kaity kept staring at. While she was making google eyes at him she somehow managed to get her straw stuck in her hair. She didn't even realize she had done it. I asked her where did her straw go. She was looking all over for it while Sally and I were laughing at her.

Now I will move on to my little pumpkin Zach. The other day I told him if he didn't pick up his toys from the living room he would be grounded from outside. His reply "No I wouldn't I can still go outside at school during recess". I told him I would call school and tell them to keep him inside if he didn't pick up his toys. With in a blink of an eye his toys were off the floor.

One day on the way home from school Zachary was talking about a kid from school who follows him around all the time and he wants to be Zach's friend. Sally said that was nice. Zachary said he didn't want to be his friend. Sally asked why and Zach said because he is fat. Sally pointed out that Zach isn't slim himself. Zach said "I am not fat" while he pulled up his shirt and attempted to suck his belly in. Then he said " If I were fat I would have fat fingers." Then he pulled out his hand displaying his short little fingers asking "Are my fingers fat?" Sally, Michael and our neighbor Taylor were all in the car laughing at him. He kept asking if his fingers were fat and with some coaxing on Michael's part Taylor said "yes". Zach kept saying my fingers aren't fat as he continued to show them to everyone.
The other day we were coming home from some where. As we were approaching the house Zach asked me to STOP and BACK UP, QUICK because he needed to show us something.I nearly blow out a tire stopping so quickly. I had no idea what it was but he seemed very adamant about showing us something. There were neighbors outside and I didn't want it to look to obvious by backing up so I drove around the block( thinking that I stopped in front of them so obviously didn't set them off ). I slowed down when I got around our block. There is a house on the corner across the street from us. We can see it very well standing on the porch. Zach pointed to that house and said "That's where Elizabeth lives". Ok Zack that is were Elizabeth lives, what did you want to show us that almost made me crash the car. "That is were Elizabeth lives Daddy" 'Thats it, Your grounded boy"! Not sure why he couldn't point to it while we were at home instead of making me drive by it to tell me.

Oh boy! Now I move on to Michael. Well........... We were all in the car (notice how most of these happen in the car) we were talking about Milton Bradly. Michael started talking about cereal. We were a little confused but not as confused at he was as it turns out. Michael thought Milton Bradly was a cereal company. Sally and I laughed at him for awhile before explaining to him that Milton Brady doesn't make cereal.I had to tell him that he was a baseball player for the Cubs and having a very bad year and if he decides to retire can have a career in making board games. He is 18 years old and thinks his parents no nothing and he knows everything except for who Milton Bradly is.

Now on to my dear wife. If you notice with each person it gets smaller. I just didn't want to bore anyone else. Believe you me there is a lot of material to write. I would have to write a book to write about everything. But right now my fingers are getting tired so I will make it short without excluding her completely. During the night my wife often ends up sleeping on the couch. She confessed to me the other day that I have been replaced by the couch. She find the couch more comforting and prefers to cuddle up with it instead of me. Can you believe that? I am very cuddly. A little hairy but, quite cuddly.

As you all know the Sox and the Cubs season is over as far as I am concerned. So now it is go Notre Dame, Bears or Colts!

That is it for this time. When I finally start my normal schedule I should be able to write at least 2 blogs a week. Thanks for visiting and God Bless!


  1. bill...ONE THING that your stories are NOT is boring! :) :) :)
    you guys are actually very entertaining!
    and now that baseball season is over for us i guess i'm going to have to fess up about my football preference..:) are you ready for this?
    I AM A PACKERS FAN! have been for 40+ years. i'll have to tell you THAT story someday but for now...i look forward to next sunday nite!
    and i look forward to your next post but hope that you will not sacrifice any needed sleep time to post it ok? now that you are working and have less time with that entertaining and loving family of yours none of us want you to give up precious sleep and home time to write..ok?
    blessings for always and thanks for making me laugh yet again..

  2. I agree that the stories are good..You do make it fun too. It's football time around our house too.. GO VOLS!!! GO COLTS!!!


  3. I am still here! I got out of the habit of reading your blog- that happens when you don't post everyday :) I haven't posted in my blog since mid-May- my last post was I would share more the next week after graduation. 3 months later I still haven't gotten back there. I am so sure that no body even bothers logging into it anymore- I suppose I should at least post that I didn't die.

  4. I bet michael knows know is spelled know and not no.



  5. (((((((((He is 18 years old and thinks his parents no nothing and he knows everything except for who Milton Bradly is.))))))