Thursday, September 17, 2009

A rewarding Chemo Session

Today we went to Cosco's for dinner. I ate first cause I was getting weak from the Chemo I had yesterday and having on the pump. Zach was standing under me to catch my crumbs and Kaity waiting patiently by for left overs.

Today I had my chemo and so far I am doing good. It was a very pleasing session, because there was a couple of patience there, who were reminiscing about their past and it was very interesting.We were getting very loud with all the talking and laughter.The doctor was getting a little annoyed so we had to close the doors so we wouldn't distract the other patients and doctors. There are other doctors offices near the Oncology dept.So we can be very distracting sometimes. So we closed the door so the doctor wouldn't make us put our noses against the wall. Actually the chemo room isn't in the ideal location. It's right across the hall from the office rooms. The chemo room it self is small and cramped. There are 8 chemo chairs and only 3 chairs for the visitors. There are just 2 TV's and sometimes I get stuck watching something I have no interest in. It's sad that we are told be quiet. When there is laughter and good conversation it's makes the chemo treatments that much easier. Plus the time flies by. It's nice when the other patients talk. I learn a lot and it's nice to know I am not a lone in this. I guess sometimes my chemo sessions turn into therapy sessions as well. There were two men yesterday that kept talking about how there cancer is a blessing. Which I totally believe there are many blessings that come with cancer. These men have been battling cancer for years. For Rodney it's been a 10 year battle for him. He has a rare form of cancer and very little is known about it. He recently had another surgery because of the cancer. He said when he first found out he was in his late 40's. He gave up his job and started enjoying his life. He rides his bike all over now. In fact he is part of the team that helps establish bike trails in our area. He said even on the days he is not well enough to ride his bike he is riding his bike in his mind. Because of his unique bike I have remember seeing him on the bike paths a couple of times. I look forward to seeing him again. The other gentleman is a Rev. Hayes. This is his second battle with prostate cancer. He also works full time at Inland Steel. During his free time he fixes up bikes and donates them to the children. He also goes on the streets talking to the youth and takes them to Sunday services with him. In August, The Times paper had an article on him about the bikes. It just amazes me to see how happy and strong these men are. Nothing stops them from living their dreams not even cancer. I remember before I was diagnosed with cancer when I hear about someone getting cancer and I would feel sorry for them. Now that it's me, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. Because of cancer I have been very humbled and blessed. It's hard to explain but there is so much good that came way my way as a result of cancer.

Next week I am scheduled for a CT Scan on Tuesday the 22ND. Prayers, prayers and more prayers are needed for a clean scan results. I will get the results of the test on Oct.1ST on my next Chemo session. The waiting for the results have been the hardest. Even thought you think you are fine in the back of your mind there is the doubt. It drives Sally crazy waiting. I was asked a long time ago by some of you what chemo medications I was taking. I finally remembered to get the info. What I take is Leucovorin a Vitamin, Eloxatin, Avastin and 5-FU/LV all Chemo medication. When I go home with the pump it's more of the 5-FU/LV

I want to apologize if the last blog may have offended anyone. It was mentioned that someone was a little perturbed by the content.If one person has an issue than it needs to be addressed. One person is one to many. I try to write the blogs as tactfully as I can ,but sometimes there may be a mental lapse. In my defense it's a chemo side effect.( just ask Sally about my memory lapses)

Today at Central Park in Griffith was Creepy Crawler night. They had all these plastic bugs and spiders and snakes spread all over the park in different sections for different age groups. Sally was with Zach with the 2Nd and 3rd grade section and I was with Kaity in the pre- Kindergarten section. I was hoping , I mean the kids were hoping that there would be candy to be picked up, but there wasn't, it was all plastic toys, bummer. Then it was time for everyone to start and pick up the Creepy Crawlers. Kaity was like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Leaving nothing in her path not picked up. Then there was a problem. Kaity and this other little girl was looking at the same colorful spider that I believe was calling out Kaitys name to be picked up. Kaity then pounced on the spider like a cat on a juicy mouse. This little girl then grabbed the spider out of Kaitys hands.I immediately started to rip my shirt off. This cleared the park out including Sally ,Zack and Micheal who were all there. I think they sensed the anger that was being born. Or maybe it was just the fact that some crazy guy tore off his shirt and was now half naked (not to mention the huge scar I have on my stomach) ready to rumble with a two year old who stold my daughter's snake. Nobody messes with my kids, so I thought I was justified.Then I woke up from my dream and just patted the little thief on the head and sent her on her way, but not before I tripped her. After it was all over Kaity had a half full gallon sized zip lock bag full and Zack had maybe half of what Kaity got. All the participates were given some chips and water after wards. They got the water , Cheeze itz and some other snack, that I am not sure what it was because I was, I mean the kids were bummed out about not having any candy. This was the first time I was able to attend this annual event. It seemed it always fell on a work day. It was a really fun time watching all these kids tackling each other to get this stuff. It was just nice they weren't in my yard doing it for once

There are a few happenings going on in the area. The 26th and 27th at Griffith's Central Park is Harvest Craft Festival and on the same Days it's Rail Road days near the old Train Station in beautiful down town Griffith. The same weekend at the Lake County Fairgrounds is the Covered Bridge Festival. If you are in the mood for some music on the 26th at 2-6pm is concert in the park, featuring Once Rejected,Three Nails Failed and Vindicated. Don't know anything about them, so I may go out and check them out.There is a raffle for a Fender Guitar and Amp package, no purchase necessary, just have to be present.

I have many stories to tell but want to save some for other blogs or the blogs will be very long. I want to thank everyone for visiting my Blog and God Bless you all and think positive thoughts no matter how hard.

Please pray for a 4th grader name Hope that attends the same school as Zach. She was hit by a car yesterday evening on Broad St. She was air lifted last night to a Chicago hospital. She is in critical condition. From what I have heard she wasn't expected to make it through last night.


  1. oh bill...other than michael i can't understand why anyone would have a problem with your blog of the other day...
    a sense of humor is a good thing..! i mean yours is a bit odd sometimes but ..:)

    glad to hear that chemo was ok....and i know that you will give us the report from the scan just as soon as you get it! :)
    in the meantime i will simply INCREASE my prayers ok?

    thanks as always for the social calendar for the upcoming few weeks..where DO you find the time to keep up on all of this?

    blessings, blessings, blessings for always!

  2. oh yeah. i almost forgot..
    thanks for all the facebook friend suggestions!

  3. Horrible cold and flu going around here Bill. Thankful that I am done with chemo, cause not sure I could have done both. So stay well! Get some of those lysol wipes and be a fanatic about it, everything you touch gets wiped down.

  4. We missed you on Sunday! I went into the jumpy with Kaity. It was fun. She looked so cute with her new hair cut.

  5. Bill,
    Here is my comment on your blog. For me, sometimes it's just a little too long. It's very amusing, informative, and interesting. But, if I were to sugggest any changes, I would write more blogs, but make them shorter in content. ;-)

  6. It's really hard to write more blogs. With me working and it really kicking my butt lately its really hard. Believe me if I could I would. I really like doing it. As far as they being to long it's just that I tend to babble and babble and before you know it, it's very long. Thanks for the comment Big sister.