Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watch out for Sally's weapon.

The last post is pictures from yesterday and today. Yesterday morning, I was feeling well and decided to help out the sisters at the Missions of Charity. They really did put me to work. I was the master speedy potato peeler, I was unstoppable. Then I help served the food at the soup kitchen. All the helpers left and the sisters were still finding me work to do. I was in the garden digging holes and putting the vegetable peelings in the ground. One sister asked me when I would be back.(under my breath I said never)What I really said was, I will try to go back the next Saturday I have off. I did enjoy being there. When I came home Sally wasn't feeling well. I decided to go to the Harvest craft fair at Central Park. Sally called me and told me to get home because the outlet mall she wanted to go to was going to close in 3 hours. So I zoomed home to please her. Her goal was to get Zach and Kaity some clothes for the fall. After the first store we went to I wanted to run to the car and fly home. Sally had me go in the dressing room with Zachary to try on pants. Zachary was acting goofy and poking around. Then Sally was complaining about the clothes for Kaity being ugly. Ok I am a guy, I do not really care about clothes. So she told me to go look for clothes for Kaity. Usually she does this and then puts back all the clothes I pick. I was on the other side of the store when I heard Kaity crying. Then I looked up and Sally was holding her, rubbing Kaity's head. I went over there and found out that Sally had accidentally hit Kaity in the head with her purse. So I picked Kaity up and rescued her from Sally's mean bag. This purse is huge, I think it was use to carry a bowling ball in at one time. Sally uses it as a diaper bag. As we went to other stores Sally was getting upset with me because she kept asking me what I liked. My kids look cute in anything. Honestly, I really don't care but being the caring husband I smiled and nodded. Then we went to the Pepperidge Farm store. That's my kind of store. I had no problem picking out what I wanted there. There was at one point on the shopping trip Sally tried hitting me with the purse but I was fast on my feet and moved away. She claims it's all accidents but I wonder. After shopping the kids were tired and hungry. We ended up going to Ihop. Sally got up with Kaity to use the washroom. When she got up her purse swung and nearly clocked me in the melon, but with my cat like reflexes I escaped unscathed Instead she hit two coffee containers off the table next to us. Who needs a weapon when she has her purse with her. Beware and stay away when you see her with it.

This morning we went to 9:30 mass. Then we were invited to a picnic at my friend Dan's church( The Harvest Church of Lowell). We went there and had a good time. Usually our kids are very shy and stay with us. However, immediately a boy named Keith went up to Zach and started talking to him. The next thing I knew Zach was outside with Keith. Kaity was watching all the girls play. They went to take a walk in the woods. One of the ladies invited Kaity to go with. Kaity grabbed her hand and walked away without looking back. We went to eat and yes Sally had her weapon with her. She was getting Kaity's food and I kept watching and waiting to see who Sally would knock over with it. Instead, Kaity's hot dog rolled off the plate and into the veggie tray. Nice job I thought to myself. Here we are meeting people we haven't met before and Sally decides to start a food fight. The food was excellent and the desserts were even better. Kaity found a friend. Her name is Azalea and she is 2 as well. Azalea grabbed Kaity's hand and they took off. hand in hand. It was really cute to watch. Later on, 2 huge bull snakes were found. The kids were amazed by the snake. On the way home Kaity was sad. I think she missed her new friend.

The church Dan belongs to is the Harvest Church. We had a very enjoyable time today. I was glad to finally meet Pastor Brian. He has commented on my blog and better yet he is a Cub's fan. I appreciate all the prayers that he and his church have said for me. Everyone was really friendly and really made me and my family feel at home. You can tell they are a very close knit group. I was afraid I would feel out of place but I didn't at all. Pastor Brian you should be very proud of what you have going at that church.

I really wanted to say how I really appreciate my big sister Dawn. She is the reason I am the wonderful, honest. good looking , athletic, hard working, funny, compassionate, God fearing, sensitive, family orientated,caring, kind, considerate, gentle, passionant, loyal, intriguing, unique, intelligent, articulate, bold, devoted, faithful, ravishing, interesting enjoyable, energetic and just an overall perfect human being. If it wasn't for you I would be just an average Joe. I really appreciate the hard work it took you to mold me. You are truly a special person to devote your time to me. You are truly one in a million. I am lucky to have you as my sister. I am sorry my traits haven't rubbed off on you. Don't give up I am sure you will be there some day I will keep praying until then. Ok Dawn is this good enough for you to be my sister again.

Thanks for visiting my Blog and God Bless.


  1. Dear little brother,
    I owe you an apology. In molding your character to perfection, I missed humility. I'll ask Sally if she can take care of that one. ;-)


  2. CRACK ME UP! :)
    you just crack me up!
    :) :) :) :) :)
    blessings always...

  3. Bill remember I created this blog and I can destroy it as well or maybe just the little note book you have been carrying around to write everything in. :)

  4. It was cool to see you and the FAM at Harvest! Glad you finally got to meet everyone and everyone meet you!

    I still think you should have got some close-ups of the bull snakes, chicken!


  5. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and waiting to hear from you tomorrow at some point!
    blessings for always..