Sunday, September 13, 2009

This stinks!

This is me with the Neighborhood ruffians. Kaity is getting a kick out of her Daddy playing with all the little kids. Little does she know her Daddy is little at heart.

This past week has been very good. At work I was working a Kaizen event all week and felt really good and rested for the most part. I haven't been working very hard at work,because the Kaizen is meetings that deal with what we can do to make positive changes in the plant. Each event deals with a different area of the plant.( This one was Metallizer standard work control) You just use more of your brain.(insert joke here) So things are going good. My next Chemo is on Thursday. I plan to do the next blog on Friday night.

Zachary's school class watched the Obama speech a while back. This was the speech that our President wanted the schools to have there students watch. If Zachary was older I probably wouldn't have sent him to school.Since Zach is only 7 I didn't think he would change his political views cause he probably doesn't have any now. Hopefully someday he will have his own views without being forced to watch a speech. During this speech Mr. President told the kids not to go to school if they are sick. What the heck was he thinking . Now I deal with Zach waking up and stating how his belly is hurting him and can't go to school cause Baack bama said if you are sick you should stay home. I asked Zach what he remembered about The speech.He said that president Bama said don't go to school if you are sick.What else did he say, "Ohhhh I don't know". "Zach didn't you listen to what was said" "Yeah only the important part"." What important part do you mean"? "Don't go to school if you are sick"." Zack go to school".

A few days ago I was running a few errands with Zach and Kaity. Kaity just got done eating some generic type Funyun Chips. I looked at her through the rear view mirror. She had the look of total horror. I asked her if she was OK. She shook her head no so fast I thought it may fall off. Just then she shot a load of vomit mixed with the aroma of onions all over the back seat and herself. For such a little girl she really did me proud with such a heave. Then the smell hit me hard. Doing the chemo I cannot do some smells well. Needless to say I started to hack and hack some more. I looked at Zack and he looked like he was turning blue cause he was holding his breath. I rolled all the windows down to get some fresh air in the car. I again looked at Kaity and asked if she was done with her mighty display of areal puke. I was waiting for a sinister voice to come from her stating TAKE ME TO BUILD A BEAR NOOOOW! But the response I got was in a very low tone was yyyyeeeeeesss. I really felt bad for Zach, I thought he was going to jump out of the car.I was glad that I was on the way home. When we got home Sally met me in the driveway. She immediately took Kaity and gave her a bath.

On Friday I took Kaity on a bike ride. She was on the rear of my bike with the seat My brother gave me. We were riding all over downtown Griffith. At one point I inadvertently sent a special delivery stink bomb to Kaity. I didn't think anything about it until a few minutes later or at least it seemed like a few minutes, I heard her say "Stinky" I looked back at her and she was holding her nose. I was thinking that was a delayed reaction and didn't think it was because of me. I really didn't think it was that bad. So I did what any mature adult would do.I sent her some more love to see if it was a fluke. Again she said "stinky" and was holding her nose. I felt bad for a little while,but than I thought of all the times she had played smell my finger with me. Yes, it was revenge.

Our neighbors little girl Taylor is having surgery on Tuesday for some Stomach problems she is having. So if you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers on Thursday. Thank You!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless


  1. Taylor is having kidney surgery tomorrow not stomach. Please keep her and her family in her prayers. Right now her parents are having a hard time with all the medical bills that have been piling up.

  2. Bill, you are disgusting! Pukes, farts, and smelly fingers! Dude, I need to go take a shower now!

    Sally and Bill...Taylor and her family are in my my prayers!

  3. oh my! taylor will surely be in my thoughts and prayers today...
    (sally take a look at the email i just sent to you, which was BEFORE i read this!)
    please keep us informed..
    as for the rest of this blog...
    enlightening as always bill...entertaining too, just like you!
    blessings for always.