Monday, September 7, 2009

A quick blog?

I want to do a quick blog just to let everyone know how the weekend was at the Fun House. This weekend I had a allot of issues of tiredness and fatigue but, I still was able to have some quality time with Kaity and Zach. I pushed myself a little bit, to be able to have some fun time with the kids. I am sleeping allot better than earlier in the week when I had the pump on. It takes a few days before I am able to have a decent nights sleep. Today I had almost a five hour nap and I feel pretty good.My appetite is getting better. I have a insatiable craving for Centrella Cottage Cheese (Centrella the food supplier of Strack and Van Tils--Strack and Van Tils the official store of Bills Life with Cancer Blog.) You may want to buy stock in Centrella Cottage Cheese.

On Sunday day Zach and I went to some of my Turtle catching stomping grounds. He has been asking me to take him out looking for turtles for awhile. So when I woke up and was just plain lazy until about 1:00 ,Sally mentioned that maybe I should take Zachary out to the woods. I grew up going to the woods with my brother Mike and later with a friend of mine when I was able to go by myself. Zach and I first went to Oxbow park with camera in tow. It is now a preserve. There were trails and little bridges to walk on. We walked all around on the paths of Oxbow Park which is part of the little Calumet River. We were walking on one of the bridges when I noticed a Leopard Frog. Zach come here, look at the frog.He was looking at it in total amazement. Just like if he was at the Zoo. He was looking at it attentively and finally chimed in Daddy should we tickle the Froggy.No Zack ,only Bull Frogs like to be tickled.( read paper towel guy blog) We continued our track when I saw a Great Blue Heron. Zack Look at the big bird. Daddy that is a big birds( only one bird) Will he eat me. No,he won't eat you unless your naughty,Daaad! Then all of a sudden the bird started to take off. Zach had the camera case around his shoulder. Zach quick give me the camera. As I grabbed the camera case to get the camera out I noticed I grabbed air.Dude, didn't you make sure the camera was in the case. Stupid question cause obviously he didn't. No, Daddy I didn't. Oh well what can you do. We continued on our way. The path was overgrown with weeds and such. I wore pants and Zach had on shorts. He was having some trouble walking down the path because of all the sticky weeds their were. He was saying ouch Daddy the the weeds are hurting me. Zach if you didn't forget the camera this wouldn't be happening to you( as I said this to myself). We started to walk briskly down the path and on to another bridge,I spotted what looked like a Great Egret. It was at a fairly long distance so not totally sure if it was an Egret.I should have taken my binoculars so I could have been more sure. They are rare in our area, but are known to be seen on occasion around here. Zach look at that big bird over there. It took awhile to get his attention because he seemed more interested in the baby Grasshoppers hopping all over the place. Daddy will he eat me. Only if you are naughty,Daaaad! We have saw numerous painted turtles though out the day. I took him to one of my favorite spots at a area we called the flats.It changed allot with all the flood prevention development in that area.Then we went to a place I like to call the area behind the tennis courts.( the tennis courts don't exist any more) Zach and I walked up a tall hill to some bike path and walked down a ways. We saw some more turtles and some fish and now hold on to your hats a water pumpimg station. Dad what is thaaat? That is a water pumpimg station,woooooow. Zach are you ready to go home. No Dad, I want to play on the water pumping station.Zach we have to get back and get ready to go to church, if you are good I will take you somewhere better a electrical power station. If you are lucky it will send shock waves through your body with excitement. Ok Dad lets go, I hope he doesn't think I was serious. When we got back to the tall hill Zach decided to run down the hill. Zach you don't want to do that. Zach slow down be careful . Zach really stop you don't want to oooooooohhhhhhh Zack you Ok?(hahahahah) Yes Dad,I will be OKs.I am a big boy, Yes you are. Now lets go home and bandage you up.

I want to tell a story of divine intervention or at least I believe it was.This past week was the celebration of the birthday of Mother Teresa. So at the church of the Missionary of Charities the sisters were having a novena mass for nine days for Mother Teresa. I went to three of the masses but wish I could have been to all but because of my tiredness I wasn't able too. All these masses had a different priest to do the mass.At one of the masses there was going to be a priest that wasn't familiar with the missionary of charities church (St. mark's Church) We were told that the priest was going to be late. We didn't think anything of it. The priest finally got there and the mass was said. After the mass we were all talking and Sister Maria Ignacius said that father got lost and couldn't find the church. She called the Carmelite Monastery to try and give him directions. She talked to another priest Father Ivans trying to get a hold of this priest. Finally Sister Maria Ignacius got a call from Father.She was going to explain to him how to get to us. He asked if the Church was St.Mark's. Sister said yes it was. He said that he was parked in front of the church. So without any help from sister he actually drove to the church without knowing how to get there.

Lemon Zest Fest is this coming weekend in Highlands Main Square(Sept. 11Th and 13Th). This is one of my favorite festivals to go to. I always enjoy myself with the great music there and all the booths. So if you aren't doing anything this coming weekend, I recommend this festival.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless. Until the weekend take care.

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  1. Very entertaining! You definately have the writers gene in the family.