Friday, September 25, 2009

Another quick post for your reading pleasure.

I want to write a quick blog, but not to long. As mentioned in another blog someone thinks they may run a little to long. So I will write this very quickly so that it won't cause anyone to miss work or maybe there favorite Tv show cause in is so interesting and can't stop reading it. Just remember you could always read the rest later.That is perfectly ok, the content won't change, unless I change it. So I just want to make it clear that this is a quick posting. Just remember your reading content of this blog may be compromised. I will do my best to keep it as interesting as possible but shorter. I know it will be a challenging task to shorten it, but I am up for the challenge. I back down from nothing. Unless Sally is really mad at me ,then I may cower a little. So to make sure this blog is short I will start now. So please bare with the shortness of it.

I finally feel like I should. Wednesday or Thursday was the first day I really felt better without feeling totally exhausted. Monday and Tuesday I went to sleep really early cause I was so tired. I really needed that. The only thing that is bothering me now is the numbness in my hands and feet that may never go away or at least not completely. If I stub my toe it hurts a lot more than if it wasn't numb. You would think it would be the opposite. So I should be fine until my next Chemo , that is on Thursday Oct. 1st. I will get my result of my CT scan that I had on Tuesday then too.

About a week ago I was putting Kaity to bed for the night. I placed her in her bed and I turned around to leave. All of a sudden she started to scream and started to wail like a banshe. I turned to her and said what is wrong , did you get hurt. After I finally pried her mouth away from my neck she was pointing at her bed. I was thinking that there was a bug or something in her bed. I didn't see anything after looking through her covers. She kept pointing in her bed and she finally said "pillllll". Pill I thought to myself. Oh, you mean pillow. I looked at the pillow and didn't see anything that would upset her. After further review of the area, I was, oh you got to be kidding me. I looked at her pillow and Cinderella was looking at us upside down and some of the pillow case wasn't covering her pillow all the way. I went to work right away to fix the crisis at hand. When I was done I put her down and she went right to sleep. She is going to grow up and be very meticulous.

I am going to let you go. I hope you like the short post I just wrote. I will keep trying to keep it a little shorter. I will do the next blog on the 1st of Oct. Thanks for visiting and God Bless.

A quick note the Indiana Ghost Trackers are having a free ghost and history tour on Sunday. It is from 6-7 pm You meet at the Porter county court house in down town Valpo. They are a very knowledgeable group.


  1. i think i'm more impressed with the fact that you KNEW what the problem was with the pillow! :)
    you can make your blogs as long/short as you want really looking forward to the oct 1st report more than anything right now..
    you remain in my prayers..
    blessings for always, deb:)
    have a great week!

  2. Wow, that was short.


    Well at least I'll be able to watch Saturday Night live 12 hours from now.


  3. Ok, little brother. You just stripped yourself of the plesure of hearing my opinion.

    I'm making Baja chicken soup and it smells awesome!


  4. I value everyones opinion wheather it's negative or positive. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Your opinions and comments help me improve my blog. A lot of humor is sarcasim and my intent is not a dig at anyone.

    Dawn out of me being my sarcastic self I made the first part of the blog long to add humor. I was hoping my long blogs people wouldn't mind reading them because I compare my blogs to a Charles Dickens novel. The kind of reading that you enjoy with your family around the fire place and can't put down until the end. Even at the end you are wanting more. Hmm maybe my blogs haven't come that far yet but one day they will. Just watch and see. Your little brother Bill

    Dawn, I am not mad and hope you aren't either. Hope you continue with the feedback.

  5. It was all tongue in cheek. I enjoy your blogs and was just having fun with you.

    My Baja Chicken soup was awesome. Too bad you live sooooo far away, or I'd bring you some.