Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ozz Fest

Yep that's right. I went to the Ozz Fest. Not the Wizard of Oz fest but the Ozzie Osborne one. I have always been curious to go but I have never seen Ozzy perform live. Michael was given tickets (Thank you Ron) for the concert. Poor kid couldn't find anyone to go with (at least that is what I think even though he said that's not true) and asked me to go with. Motley Crue as well was playing too so I was excited to go. There were a lot of other bands with strange names. Which will remain nameless.

When we first got there we pulled up next to a car that had two stuffed animal in the Driver and passenger seats. I thought that to be quite odd. Michael and I just sat there staring.(I know its not polite to stare, but you had to see this). All of a sudden they started to move about. I was thinking man this is crazy. I could only imagine what must be going through Michael's teenage head. Then I saw his face,with the look of I think we need to go NOW! They started to remove themselves from the car. " No way," I thought. Then they started to what looked like talk to each other. They looked like a Care Bear experiment that went terribly wrong. There hair was very tall and red. They were both wearing hairy looking shoes/boots, that went up to there knees. A rubber band for shorts and a plastic grocery bag for a shirt. That is when they noticed us staring. I quickly picked up something that can posed as a cell phone,acting like I was talking on it. Little did I know it was one of Kaitlyn's dollies. So who is the goof here. Michael and I slithered out of the car hoping not to encounter them again unless we went to the zoo.

We finally went inside and walked around to gawk at the scenery. Surprisingly the crowd looked half and half, half drunk or half high. All ages ,shapes and sizes were there. There people there almost twice my age, at least that's how they looked (hard life I guess). Oh and the sweet smell of ,that smell.I can't quite figure out what it is, but I smelled it before. It seems it always at these musical get togethers with a lot of people. The more people the stronger that sweet smell. I'm thinking its a reaction to all the different perfumes and colognes in the air floating around. I then noticed this crowd forming just to the side of us and people snapping pictures, not sure of what at this point. I moved closer to the location of the commotion, thinking Ozzy came out to say hi to everyone. I got closer and people started parting the way for me (they must know who I am). I made to the destination and I immediately said "OH HEEEEEEEL NO". Needless to say it wasn't Ozzy or anyone else performing. It was the Care Bears and people were taking there picture like they were the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I quickly put my arm over my face because I didn't want them to recognize me and run after me.

Michael and I then went somewhere else to check things out. We saw a circus tent and decided to check it out. It was human oddities and we had to check this out. They had a guy who swallowed swords and he also let you staple money to his body. Depending on the denomination you can put it on different parts of his body. I thought of a spot but, didn't have that kind of money. There a midget lady who danced on glass, no comment, another guy who was able to put his body through a tennis racket. I could barely remember when I was able to do that. I think I was about 6 months old. The highlight of the show was a scantily clad lady who danced around. I think her special talent was she was a scantily clad lady who danced around. I paid 5 bucks to see that, I could have gone to parts of Gary to see the same thing for free. I got to see the most famous oddity of them all, the Cat man. Cat man was featured in a lot of shows including Ripley's. His face is totally tattooed looking like a cat and his teeth were grinded down to be pointy like a cats. I like turtles but, your not going to see me shaving my head,wearing a turtle shell from a hapless turtle, laying on a log naked and eating raw fish.

This blog is getting long so I am going to end it soon.The main acts like Ozzy and Motley Crue did a good show. Ozzy actually did better than expected. I thought he would be stumbling around the stage. He did not fall off the stage not once or forget his words. Thanks for reading and Bless you all.

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  1. BIll, I work with Michael and now see why he is such a fun kid to work with. You are an awesome dad and I am praying hard that Mayo comes thru for you guys! Stay awesome!