Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day at the Beach

It was a day at the beach but no picnic in the park.

One Sunday, we decided to take the kids to the air show in Gary after church. This is our second time to go. The first time we went Zachary was 1. We didn't stay very long because Michael was more interested in the food and Zach was more interested in how much sand he could throw at Sally. We were hoping this time would be a tad better.

This time we decided to park at the beach and from there take the shuttle to the other beach where they were flying at. When I went to pay the parking fee the gentleman at the gate told me that we would be able to see the jets from our location. The kids were happy because they have been wanted to go to the beach all summer long. Then they realized they didn't bring their swimming suits and cries were followed. Giggles were followed after the cries when my wife and I knew bathing suits were secretly shoved in a very over sized purse. The adults (being my wife and I) had decided earlier that morning we were not going to go in the water. Sally told me I should wear shorts so I could be quote more comfortable unquote. So I did, which was my mistake. Sneaky wife. She keeps following in Eve's footsteps and I continue to be the loyal gullible Adam.

Zachary had been asking for a couple of years if we could take them to the beach. The first and last time he had went was with his Aunt Stacie when he was 3. Obviously, this was Katy's first experience at the beach. At first she was fascinated with all the sand and Zachary drove right into the lake. Then Kaity discovered the water and loved that as well. Did I mentioned we went to watch the air show. Apparently, the kids forgot as well. For they barely noticed the jets that were flying above their heads. Zachary look another jet coming. Yeah , OK thanks Dad. Back to his turtle shaped sand sculpture. Zach a turtle plane, look over there! "Where Dad Where, show me, show me NOOOOOOW !"' Oh, I'm sorry Zach, you missed it, hee hee hee" ."Maybe next time "hee hee hee ". While I was trying to watch the jets the kids kept going from the water to the sand. Both couldn't make up their minds on what they liked best. We had to tell them several times not to run. Then when we were about to scream it again, Zachary made sand fly as he was running all over a family that was sitting near the lake. I think that was the first time in my entire dad hood where I wanted to disown my child. I said, "Lady you really need to control your kids better",than I walked. away . Not forever but at least for the day. I looked back to see Sally staring at me. At least I think it was her. It was hard to tell with the hot sand resonating off her skin, made her look like a fire ball. Luckily, the family was nice about it. At least they seemed nice. I am sure when we walked away they talked about us for awhile. I know I would have not been to happy if I was them.

After we found another area to be at ,we decided it was best, after that, to keep the kids in the water. Sally was with Katy but Katy decided she wanted to go further in the water. The problem was, Sally wore pants that were folded up to the knee. However, I had the shorts on because she told me to. Now I realize she is evil and plans my every move even when I don't realize it. So I grabbed Katy's hand and went further into the water with her. Then I realized I had the car keys, wallet, and cell phone in my pockets. I went to turn around to hand them to Sally and poof she was gone. I was a little annoyed. My feet were killing me because of the rocks. The chemo made my feet very sensitive and walking on the bottom of the lake was very painful. I need to buy a pair of water shoes for the next time I go.

I gathered the kids out of the water so we could find my wife. It didn't take long when we saw this huge glow coming from where we had our towels and blankets at.There was a crowd that was forming there. There was a glow that was blinding, then I realize the glow was coming from my very very white wife laying on the blanket. Maybe the crowd thought she was a crash landed UFO. So me being the loving husband that I am had to say," Don't be afraid she comes in peace". She didn't think that was very funny but, I did and that is all that mattered to me. Not only is she pasty white she was laying there with her jeans on. It was a funny site to see. I should just leave it at that so you would think Sally is really bad. The truth is, she was not feeling well that day. She had been fighting a sinus infection for a few weeks this summer. It was still funny to see her laying there. Everyone around her tanned and wearing bathing suits and shorts then there was her. To this day I still laugh about it and she still doesn't know what was so funny.

The kids had a great time. They never mentioned a word about the jets though. I enjoyed watching the jets. It was awesome to have a front view. As the beach was clearing out by people it became infested by seagulls. We took it as our sign to vacate as well.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for all the prayers and thoughts,

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  1. seriously bill? sally is a saint!=))
    and together you guys are more entertaining than any reality tv show!=))