Monday, September 20, 2010

Current updates

The blog started to keep my family and friends updated about my health condition. How has it turned into the "Ceiga's Circus Life" I never know. I know everyone is more interested about my life them they are with me, Which I know I am a boring old man. Sally keeps telling me I do not have to write "I am doing well but tired" in every post. She did mention that once in awhile to write about current updates. I hope that is OK with all my fans.Unless you like reading "I am doing good but tired all the time" then let me know.

Big drum role everyone............. I am doing well but still tired all the time. I will be having a CT done in the next couple of weeks. I still have to schedule it. I will let you know the date. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for October 4th. Kaitlyn has an appointment in Indianapolis tomorrow(the 21st) with the rheuthmologist. We are actually making a day out of it. Taking Zachary with us and going to the Indy zoo before her appointment.

Because of Kaity's appointment I will have 5 days off from work in a row. That's a vacation for me. It's been probably at least a year I had that many days off in a row. I did manage to hang up a book shelf I was going to do 3 years ago and other odds and ends that needed to be done. I also have new blog material to write. Boy do I have a good one coming. It's not that I look for blog material it always finds me. Living with Sally and the kids help. It helps a lot. I really appreciate them more and more each day for that.

Please keep in your prayers my dad. He had out patient surgery this past Thursday. Everything went well. He has to take it easy and no driving for several weeks. That is going to be hard on him. He is the type (unlike me) that always has to have something to do and does not like staying at home.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Thank you for all your well wishes. I am greatful for that.

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